Mirror Quiz – Mar 9 2018

Mirror Quiz Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 9 2018 

Clues Answers
1831 novel by Thomas Love Peacock CROTCHET
1964 novel by Saul Bellow HERZOG
1990 stage play by David Hare RACING DEMON
2002 novel by Carl Hiaasen BASKET CASE
Adrian —, German motor racing driver; F1 debutant in the 2007 Australian GP SUTIL
City and port; capital of Finland until 1812 TURKU
Cricket stroke made with the bat in an almost horizontal position CUT
French artist whose works include 1881’s A Couple Embracing in an Artist’s Studio EUGENELAMI
G A —, England Test cricketer who hit 178 against India in Mumbai in 1993 HICK
Garland of flowers worn around the neck in Hawaii LEI
In electronics, a control such as a variable resistor used to set initial conditions PRESET
Inca mountain city discovered in Peru in 1911 MACHUPICCHU
Jorge —, 2011-12 WBO Bantamweight champion ARCE
Most northerly settlement in the UK, in Unst, Shetland SKAW
Multihull sailing vessel of the South Pacific PROA
Old Testament prophet of the 9th-century BC who denounced Ahab and Jezebel ELIJAH
President of Pakistan from 2008-13 AS I FALL
Sky god of Egyptian mythology represented as a falcon-headed man HORUS
Soft roll or loaf made from a very light yeast dough BRIOCHE
Son of Telamon; Greek hero of the Trojan War AJAX
The —, 1835 novel by William Gilmore Simms subtitled A Romance of Carolina YEMASSEE
Town that served as the port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground TORNADO
White, grey, brown or pale green mineral found in metamorphic rocks TALC

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