New York Times – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘Enemies: A History of the ___’ (2012 best seller) FBI
‘Geez, that was tiring!’ IMBEAT
‘I know the answer!’ OHOH
‘I need everyone’s help!’ ALLHSONDECK
‘I wanna look!’ LEMMESEE
‘This is SO frustrating!’ GAH
‘Totally, bro’ YEAHMAN
‘___ in the Rain’ SINGIN
1988 crime comedy rated 93% positive on Rotten Tomatoes AFISHCALLEDW
2018 N.C.A.A. football champs ALABAMA
4-Down personnel, informally GMEN
7 1/2-hour exam, for short MCAT
Acknowledge without words NODTO
Actress Green of 2006’s ‘Casino Royale’ EVA
Aides: Abbr ASSTS
An ace has a low one ERA
Area for filming in Hollywood BACKLOT
Associate of Athos and Porthos ARAMIS
Ballroom dance in duple time GALOP
Bathtub accessory MAT
Bee ___ GEES
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Bench presses build them, for short PECS
Big heads EGOS
Big name in nail polish ESSIE
Big ___ Conference EAST
Big ___, nickname of baseball’s David Ortiz PAPI
Billboards, e.g LAC
Business bigwigs SUITS
Call from behind a counter NEXT
Caught morays EELED
Certain bra spec BCUP
Chemicals proscribed by ’70s legislation PCBS
Chinese restaurant chain PAEXPRESS
City near Biscayne National Park MIAMI
Cockpit devices RADARS
Component of a summer cloud GNAT
Consent (to) ACCEDE
Country whose total land area is less than .01% forested OMAN
Cry to a prima donna BRAVA
Deceptive moves FAKES
Delhi dignitary RANI
Device many use in bed SPINSHOT
Dieting units: Abbr LBS
Dumbbell curls build them, for short BIS
Embassy issuances VISAS
Eye part UVEA
Figure on a poster REWARD
Final song in ‘Fantasia’ AVEMARIA
Flaky entree POTPIE
Four-letter island name with three syllables OAHU
France’s ___ du Bourget COMOESTA
French possessive TES
Gallic gal pal AMIE
Goal for a tailor RIGHTFIT
Have an exclusive relationship GOSTEADY
Have as a housemate LIVEWITH
Haw’s go-with HEM
Helen Reddy’s signature hit IAMWOMAN
Heroic figure in ‘Star Wars’ films LOCALRISSIAN
Clues Answers
Hot state IRE
Irish Spring, e.g BARSOAP
It’s lit TORCH
Item in a sink DISHRAG
IV bag contents SERUM
Kept in the loop, in a way CCED
Lasting, unpleasant memory SCAR
Leafy vegetables KALES
Like a fictional Casey ATTHEBAT
Like some legal damages PUNITIVE
Magician known for debunking paranormal claims THEAMAZINGRI
Make easier to plow, in a way PRESALT
Makes a connection LIAISES
Malleable ADAPTIVE
Many a cereal box toy TIEIN
Massé, e.g STAT
Match (with) PAIR
Move to solid food WEAN
Natural disaster of 2012 HURRICANES
Nutrient in lentils and liver IRON
On the double DESCEND
One doing the lord’s work SERF
Org. that oversaw F.D.R.’s Federal Project Number One WPA
Partner of well ALIVE
Pathetic SAD
Patriotic song lyric before ‘Mind the music and the step’ YANKEEDOODLEDY
Pfizer competitor MERCK
Photo-editing option SEPIA
Poet who wrote ‘For the Time Being’ and ‘Another Time’ AUDEN
Prefix with -derm ECTO
Prefix with liter DECI
Prudence CARE
Pueblo ancestors ANASAZI
Rating for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of Cards’ TVMA
Reddish-purple FUCHSIA
Regulation followers, in brief OTS
Relatives of channels STRAITS
Retailer with a star in its logo MACYS
Rumpus ADO
Ryan of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ IRENE
Señora, across the Pyrenees MADAME
Sermon topic SIN
Shorn animal EWE
Social ___ CUE
Some expensive gowns DIORS
Something used in a pinch? TOBACCO
Something you hope people have when they leave? NICEDAY
Spanish 101 question DICE
Speckled horse ROAN
Stretchable wrappers ELASTICBS
Tasteless INSIPID
The ‘Home Alone’ boy, e.g IMP
They may be loaded in a casino EREADER
Things to shoot for … or shoot at TARGETS
Touches, as with a tissue DABSAT
Typewriter formatting aid TABSET
Vatican jurisdiction PAPACY
Well thought? WISH
What a spoiler spoils PLOT
Whoops? OLES
___ favor ASA
___ Fridays TGI
___ ipsa loquitur RES
___ Rios, Jamaica OCHO
___ Zero COKE
___-crab soup SHE

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