New York Times – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Fat chance!’ INAPIGSEYE
‘Gone With the Wind’ role OHARA
‘Gone With the Wind’ role RHETT
2003 Afghani film that won a Golden Globe OSAMA
2016 comedy that takes place mainly in a supermarket SAUSAGEPARTY
A little progress, so to speak DENT
Actor McShane of ‘Deadwood’ IAN
Actor played by Landau in ‘Ed Wood’ LUGOSI
Actress Stone EMMA
Avant-garde EDGY
Back-to-school purchase TABLET
Cancer locator? STARMAP
Canned AXED
Catalina, e.g ISLE
Citrusy TART
Co. acquired by Verizon in 2015 AOL
Danger for a submarine BERG
Delivery specialists, for short OBGYNS
Didn’t stay within the lines, say BLED
Dungeons & Dragons characters ELVES
Dyne-centimeters ERGS
Facetious sign in a lab or office GENIUSATWORK
Goddess of peace IRENE
Granite State sch UNH
Grim Grimm beast OGRE
Handful for a pediatrician IMP
Hold down PIN
Image on a soccer jersey TEAMCREST
iPhone 8? TUV
Issuer of ukases TSAR
Kind of cheese BLEU
King in 1922 headlines TUT
Kipling’s ‘Rikki-Tikki-___’ TAVI
Lab problem FLEA
Lacking subtlety BLATANT
Leaving for OFFTO
Clues Answers
Like many roofs EAVED
Log keeper, maybe BIN
Metes (out) DOLES
Modern communiqués TWEETS
Modernists, informally NEOS
Nailed ACED
Native American charm made with a willow hoop DREAMCATCHER
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Open ___ MRI
Overflow points BRIMS
Part of B.P.O.E ELKS
Place for a clock or a radio DASHBOARD
Popular TV dramedy based on a Colombian telenovela UGLYBETTY
Post’s opposite ANTE
Product advertised with the slogan ‘Writes first time, every time’ BICPEN
Puppies or kittens YOUNG
Put back RESTORE
Relative of the Canada goose NENE
Ring … or sphere ARENA
Ritual meal SEDER
Rum cakes BABAS
Setting for Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ GLOBETHEATER
Shelter for a Minuteman SILO
Signal a performer doesn’t want to hear GONG
Slaps on DAUBS
So to speak ASWESAY
Some gridiron formations WISHBONES
Sports figures ODDS
Stronghold FORT
Suffix with duct ILE
Suffix with freak ISH
The inn crowd? GUESTS
The United States has a great one SEAL
TV adjuncts … or a hint to four squares in this puzzle CABLEBOXES
Variety of lettuce BIBB
Wee, to a Scot SMA
Where Flash Gordon played polo YALE
___ log YULE

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