New York Times – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Heaven forbid!’ HOPENOT
‘Help yourself, there’s plenty left!’ TAKEMORE
‘In what sense?’ HOWSO
1985 novel ‘___ Game’ ENDERS
Acted evasively WEASELED
Actors Aidan and Anthony QUINNS
Agile African animals GAZELLES
Babysat TENDED
Begin to remove, as a diaper UNTAPE
Defeats decisively, in slang SMOKES
Deserve something through hard work EARNIT
Do some cobbling work on RESOLE
Drip source IVTUBE
Emergency room case OVERDOSE
Get used to it ADJUST
Give the eye LEERAT
Good times for shopping sprees SALEDAYS
High points? UMLAUT
Images on a timeline of human evolution, maybe CRANIA
Intro to a big announcement DRUMROLL
Keeps in reserve STORESUP
Kind of development ARRESTED
Layout with little concern for privacy OPENPLAN
Like many coats with liners ZIPPERED
Loose, in a way, as planks or siding UNNAILED
Made-to-order CUSTOM
Many a YouTube video upload MPEGFILE
Clues Answers
Nasal spray targets SINUSES
Northern BOREAL
Not abundant SPARSE
Not obligated EXEMPT
One talking a blue streak? CUSSER
OPEC nation since 2007 ANGOLA
Paso ___, Calif ROBLES
Piece of armor worn over the shin GREAVE
Place for soldiers to eat MESSTENT
Poker challenge IRAISE
Precepts TENETS
Prefix with -gram PENTA
Render undrinkable, as alcohol DENATURE
Rigel and Spica BSTARS
Ronda ___, mixed martial arts standout of the 2010s ROUSEY
Rough Riders’ rides STEEDS
Scold at length HARANGUE
See 7-Down TASTES
Seedy establishment DIVEBAR
Segregated UNMIXED
Serious, as an offense JAILABLE
Some urban noise pollution SIRENS
Spiny fish named after a bird SEARAVEN
Wasn’t productive IDLED
Wine-tasting offer HAVEASIP
With 12-Down, blue cheese and black coffee, typically ACQUIRED
[Boo-hoo!] IMSAD

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