New York Times – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Capisce?’ SEE
‘Is this for real?’ COULDITBE
‘Non-G.M.O.’ or ‘Dolphin-safe’ ECOLABEL
‘Not only that …’ BUTALSO
‘Red’ or ‘white’ tree ASH
‘Red’ or ‘white’ tree OAK
‘This way!’ OVERHERE
2016 World Series celebrant CUBSFAN
Baby pool? SLOBBER
Browse the web NETSURF
Collaborator with Sedaka and Cooke on the 1964 album ‘3 Great Guys’ ANKA
Comic ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
Conductor of science experiments on TV MYTHBUSTER
D.C.’s D or C STREET
Departure announcement SOLONG
Departure announcement ALLABOARD
Ending with brick or stock YARD
Expressions of affection MASHNOTES
Fashion CREATE
Go on and on about BELABOR
Grandson of Esau OMAR
Group of notes reflecting a five-sharp scale BCHORD
Half a rack ANTLER
Hank who voices Moe Szyslak AZARIA
Hip-hop radio/TV host Charlamagne ___ God THA
Jessica of ‘The Book of Love’ BIEL
Kill it SLAY
Lead-in to a chef’s name ALA
Let loose? UNTIE
Like some laps and raps FREESTYLE
Malfeasant BADACTOR
Managed to acquire CAMEBY
Market purchases SHARES
Minestrone soup ingredient ORZO
Clues Answers
Much-debated inits. in 2010s politics ACA
Muse symbolized by a globe and compass URANIA
Oakland’s Oracle ___ ARENA
One-eighth set, in statistics OCTILE
Opposite of free ENSLAVE
Ottoman ruler referenced in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ ALIPASHA
P.R. concern REP
Paris’s ___ Monceau PARC
Part of a London web address DOTCODOTUK
Patriarch on ‘Game of Thrones’ NED
Personal interest, metaphorically CUPOFTEA
Play stoppers REDCARDS
Prefix with -dermal ENTO
Provider of protective coverage SCAB
Pub fixture ALETAP
Rafts ALOT
Reason to check one’s phone ALERT
Robinson ___, many-time Yankees and Mariners All-Star CANO
Shanghai ABDUCT
Shields, tear gas, etc RIOTGEAR
Similar examples SUCH
Small phone charger type MICROUSB
Some shot BBS
Tabs are kept on them SODACANS
Used performance-enhancing substances, in slang ROIDED
Vote in un parlement NON
Waiting for an answer, perhaps ONHOLD
Who said ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!’ LEAR
Working arrangement, for short SKED
Writer who called New York City ‘Baghdad-on-the-Subway’ OHENRY

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