New York Times – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘Eso Beso’ singer ANKA
‘Fight, fight, fight for Maryland!’ singer, familiarly TERP
‘Here’s the thing …’ YOUSEE
‘Man and Superman’ playwright SHAW
‘To repeat …’ ISAID
‘Zounds!’ EGAD
10/ OCT
Anxious feeling UNEASE
Any of the Gal√°pagos ISLE
App customers USERS
Apt rhyme of ‘nip’ SIP
At the most TOPS
Avid about INTO
Avoided trans fats and refined sugars, say ATERIGHT
Bad thing to see under a truck’s hood? PICKUPSTEAM
Bags that might have drawstrings KNAPSACKS
Ball support TEE
Barely ahead, scorewise UPONE
Big name in luxury S.U.V.s ESCALADE
Brisk paces TROTS
Call for NEED
Card game cry UNO
Caught in ___ ALIE
Certain baseball positions: Abbr RFS
Certain note passer, for short ATM
Certain Summer Olympian FENCER
Chinese menu name TSO
Closet rackful NECKTIES
Comaneci of Olympics fame NADIA
Compositions often chosen for encores? GOTOPIECES
Customer service worker AGENT
Department AREA
Doctor treating patients CLINICIAN
Doesn’t go on at the right time MISSESACUE
Duke of ___, character in ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ MILAN
Emcee’s item MIC
End of the block? ADE
Figures on slots SEVENS
Forfeits CEDES
Founder of Philadelphia PENN
Free, as a seat UNTAKEN
German ‘you’ SIE
Gives birth to HAS
Go ‘Ow, ow, OW!’ YELP
Gracias : Spanish :: ___ : German DANKE
Grueling workplace, so to speak SALTMINE
Gyro holders PITAS
Hits with snowballs PELTS
Hope that one may SEEKTO
Hoppy brew IPA
Info provider SOURCE
Intake in many an eating contest PIE
Interior decorator’s asset TASTE
It’s not in the bag LOOSETEA
Juices (up) PEPS
Kitty POT
Lawn coating DEW
Low-cost lodging HOSTEL
Lunchtime errands, e.g NOONERS
Make hard to read ENCIPHER
Makes drunk BESOTS
Man first mentioned in Exodus 2 MOSES
Man ___ mission ONA
Member of a four-time Stanley Cup-winning team in the 1980s OILER
More likely to escalate TENSER
Neighbor of Oman, for short UAE
Clues Answers
Nonexpert LAYMAN
Nonsense singing SCAT
Opposite of stiff TIP
Optimist’s credo ICAN
Org. that’s nearly one-fourth Canadian NHL
Paragons IDEALS
Part of NASA: Abbr NATL
Peace activist Wiesel ELIE
Pennzoil competitor STP
Permeate FILL
Personnel overhaul SHAKEUP
Pitcher’s feat, slangily NONO
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Portrayer of Mr. Chips OTOOLE
Press, as a button PUSHIN
Private eye TEC
Proceed well enough GOOK
Professional grp ASSN
Purple smoothie flavorer ACAI
Reaches by plane FLIESTO
Rear seating compartment in old automobiles TONNEAU
Replaced someone on a base PINCHRAN
Sad, in San Juan TRISTE
Saying ‘Eww!,’ say DISGUSTED
Scene VIEW
Self-absorbed VAIN
Serving to quell violent protests ANTIRIOT
Seuss title character HORTON
Singer known for her 85-Across ELLA
Sister NUN
Skill ART
Small breather? NOSTRIL
Small dam WEIR
Smoking or stress AGER
Some doorways INS
Some Nikons, for short SLRS
Something ‘shaken’ in a trick PAW
Something a chimney sweep sweeps FLUE
Something removed at a T.S.A. checkpoint SHOE
Sound of a dud PFFT
Soundtrack for a brawl? SETTOMUSIC
Speak before Parliament, e.g ORATE
Spring river breakup ICERUN
Startled squeals EEKS
Story featuring divine intervention ILIAD
Strong strings TWINES
Successfully persuades SELLS
Suffer from a lockup SKID
Take too much of, briefly ODON
The Ravens, on scoreboards BAL
Throws at TOSSESTO
Time in Tokyo when it’s midnight in New York ONEPM
Timely entrance? DEADONARRIVAL
Trickle SEEP
Understudy’s delivery? STANDINLINE
Unrecruited athlete’s bottleful? WALKONWATER
Vertical, to a sailor APEAK
Wagers for a gym exercise? PULLUPSTAKES
Wastebasket or folder, maybe ICON
Web links, briefly URLS
What an A.P. class likely isn’t EASYA
Word after flight or credit RISK
___ al-Hussein (Jordanian royal) NOOR
___ Classic (cable channel) ESPN
___ dish PETRI
___ premium ATA
___ salad CAESAR

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