New York Times – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘110%’ ALLOUT
‘Sesame Street’ monster ELMO
‘___ the ramparts we watched …’ OER
Accused’s line a judge might not believe ALIBI
Alternative to chunky, for peanut butter SMOOTH
Artwork with tiles MOSAIC
Asset for a public speaker … or a hint to 17-, 24-, 37- and 52-Across EYECONTACT
Avant-garde EDGY
Baby’s starting place WOMB
Bad throw for a QB: Abbr INT
Became lenient WENTSOFT
Cabinet dept. concerned with schools EDUC
Cartoonist Keane BIL
Channel that became Spike TV in 2003 TNN
Cow sounds MOOS
Creative start IDEA
Crossword-solving girl on ‘The Simpsons’ LISA
Crudely sexual LEWD
Daisy who plays Rey in ‘Star Wars’ films RIDLEY
Device behind a deli counter SLICER
Dog on ‘The Jetsons’ ASTRO
End of a business’s email address COM
End of an ___ ERA
Gas or electric: Abbr UTIL
Glided on ice SKATED
Good name for a chauffeur? OTTO
Guarantee ASSURE
Gun enthusiast’s org NRA
Gymnast Biles with four Olympic gold medals SIMONE
Hole in one on a par three EAGLE
Ink problem BLOT
Inuit homes IGLOOS
Item in a caddie’s bag TEE
Long-running CBS police drama NCIS
Longest river in France LOIRE
Make a nasty face SNEER
Make blue SADDEN
Clues Answers
Matty or Felipe of major-league baseball ALOU
Ming worth millions of dollars YAO
Moon vehicle, for short LEM
Move text here and there EDIT
Musical Yoko ONO
Needle case ETUI
Offshoot of punk rock EMO
Old U.S. gas brand still seen in Canada ESSO
One making dove sounds COOER
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
One teaching pizza slices and S-turns SKIINSTRUCTOR
Orange-yellow AMBER
Org. for the Suns and the Heat NBA
Org. looking for aliens SETIINSTITUTE
Partner of the Father and Holy Ghost SON
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Play a role ACT
Property in buildings and land REALTY
Purchases before hotels, in Monopoly HOUSES
Quick and not well thought out RASH
Radioer’s ‘Got it’ ROGER
Roseanne’s hubby on ‘Roseanne’ DAN
Satisfying until later, with ‘over’ TIDING
Say ‘No, thanks’ to REFUSE
Send, as payment REMIT
Shed, as feathers MOLT
Stabilizing part of a ship’s compass GIMBAL
Still uninformed NOWISER
Supermodel Banks TYRA
Supporting nativist policies ANTIIMMIGRATION
Tales set on Mount Olympus, e.g MYTHS
Upper half of a bikini BRA
Urban air pollution SMOG
Winter driving hazards ICYROADS
World’s largest religious denomination SUNNIISLAM
___ Fields cookies MRS
___ Goodman, longtime judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ LEN
___ McMuffin EGG

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