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New York Times – Apr 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘But I heard him exclaim, ___ he …’ ERE
‘Green Acres’ co-star in 1960s TV EVAGABOR
‘Juice’: Abbr ELEC
‘___ Almighty’ (2007 film) EVAN
1969-74, politically NIXONERA
Alligator pears AVOCADOS
Archipelago west of Portugal AZORES
Attire on ancient statues TOGAS
Author Verne JULES
Base ___ TEN
Be beaten by LOSETO
Book with Adam and 41-Across GENESIS
Bruce Lee role based on an old radio character KATO
Bud ___, former M.L.B. commissioner SELIG
Canceled, as a launch NOGO
Car with a bubble POPEMOBILE
Chicken for cooking CAPON
Comes to AWAKES
Contributes to a Kickstarter campaign, say DONATES
Cy Young winner Hershiser OREL
Despicable VILE
Did better than bogeyed MADEPAR
Every other letter in this puzzle’s grid(!) VOWEL
Figures posted on taxi doors RATES
First field in an online form, often NAME
Fixed, as a tapestry REWOVE
Food-thickening agent AGAR
Gas that home inspectors check for RADON
Giant four-legged combat walker in ‘Star Wars’ films ATAT
God depicted with a spear ARES
Home to Tenzing-Hillary Airport NEPAL
Hurled weapon BOLA
Kentucky Derby prize ROSES
Kitchen brand made with love? OXO
Lacking width and depth ONED
Lantern fuel KEROSENE
Lead-in to army or band ONEMAN
Like a life that’s not worth living, per Socrates UNEXAMINED
Clues Answers
Like the sky (unless you’re an astronaut) ABOVE
Loosening of government controls, for short DEREG
Makes weary through overexposure JADES
Map with a ‘You are here’ arrow LOCATOR
Meditative kind of state ZEN
Mountain fig ELEV
Napoleon, when on St. Helena EXILE
New Zealand bird KIWI
Nullify NEGATE
One making a ewe turn? RAM
Pan, in myth PIPER
People or Us, for short MAG
Picasso daughter known for her fashion designs and perfumes PALOMA
Pioneer in self-driving cars UBER
Pizza party drink SODA
Pizza topping SALAMI
Poland/Germany border river ODER
Really bother NAGAT
Recipe unit CUP
Rival school of Harrow and Radley ETON
Rock band known for its ‘energy domes’ DEVO
Rock singer who was a Time co-Person of the Year BONO
Salt, in France SEL
Sash worn around the waist OBI
Scary Chaney LON
See 39-Across EVE
See 68-Across BANA
Sign suggesting ‘caveat emptor’ ASIS
Sticker worn proudly in November IVOTED
Stories passed from generation to generation LORE
Was on the bench SAT
West Indies native CARIB
White House family after the Bushes OBAMAS
With 1-Down, star of Spielberg’s ‘Munich’ ERIC
___ Strauss & Co LEVI