New York Times – Apr 18 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Apr 18 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
___ crawl PUB
___ Family Singers (group that inspired “The Sound of Music”) TRAPP
___ Reader UTNE
Adjust, as a piano TUNE
Alphabet run CDE
Apt name for a worrier STU
Auction units LOTS
Beverage for a flu sufferer HOTTEA
BMW alternative LEXUS
Buffoon ASS
Camera setting APERTURE
Cause of a cold GERM
Central Asian plains STEPPES
Charlie Brown lamentation RATS
Cheers for toreadors OLES
Colorful, conical candy on a stick ASTROPOP
Cork’s land EIRE
Court proposition PLEA
Day-Glo colors NEONS
Definitely! OHYES
Egyptian menaces ASPS
Fat chance! IBET
Fat chance! and others RETORTS
Flat sign TOLET
Flynn of film ERROL
Frank who was a cohort of Al Capone NITTI
Get ready to fight, say ARM
Gets comfortable NESTLES
Groening who created “The Simpsons” MATT
Headlight BEAM
Highway patrollers TROOPERS
Hockey great whose jersey number rhymed with his name ORR
Hypothetical particle that travels faster than light TACHYON
It creates an opening at the dentist’s office TOOTHEXTRACTION
It might involve x, y and z MATHEXAM
Italian province known for sparkling wine ASTI
Items at an emergency shelter COTS
Key of Pachelbel’s Canon: Abbr. DMAJ
Kingdom that’s spread throughout the world ANIMALIA
Leave en masse EMPTYOUT
Like Cockneys, in British lingo NONU
Like leopards and dominoes SPOTTED
Location of “Yellow Submarine” on the album “Yellow Submarine” SIDEONE
Loudly mourn BEWAIL
Lump on a trunk BURL
Make more alluring SEXUP
Meeting point NEXUS
Mr. ‘iggins in “My Fair Lady” Y ENRY
Much-covered 1956 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song … hinting at what happens three times in this puzzle’s solution IPUTASPELLONYOU
News inits. UPI
Old MacDonald cry MOOMOO
One who talks on the phone a lot? SIRI
Ones making a case for drinking? SODAS
Part of party mix, often CORNCHEX
Pet from a pet shelter, e.g. ADOPTEE
Popular tech news site CNET
Pretentious sort SNOB
Public spat SCENE
Quick rundown SYNOPSIS
Raced TORE
Raced SPED
River isle AIT
Rock’s Kings of ___ LEON
Section of a clothing catalog MENS
Singles, doubles and triples BASEHITS
Southeastern Conference football powerhouse, for short BAMA
Suffix with right EOUS
Swiss miss, maybe: Abbr. MLLE
Taking off, as business BOOMING
Those, in Madrid ESAS
Tuna cut STEAK
Weighty work TOME
When repeated, “Old MacDonald” cry BAA
With glee JOYOUSLY
Works, as dough KNEADS

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