New York Times – Apr 19 2018

Clues  Answers
___ days (now) THESE
32-0, e.g. ROUT
A Shropshire Lad author AEHOUSMAN
Actor Morales ESAI
Actor Wynn of “Dr. Strangelove” KEENAN
Airline with a crown in its logo KLM
Alaskan export OIL
Arabic leader? ALIF
Bite playfully NIPAT
Ca++ or Fe+++ ION
Cabaret director FOSSE
Casino employee CROUPIER
Chocolaty breakfast cereal OREOOS
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Classic Milwaukee brews PABSTS
Consideration for avoiding burns, for short SPF
Contents of a vault CACHE
Country that changed its name in 1939 SIAM
Covers in goo SLIMES
Disney movie set in Arendelle FROZEN
Drew from a hat, say CHOSE
Duke, e.g.: Abbr. UNIV
Exactly right TOATURN
First in a field R PIONEER
First name on the Supreme Court SONIA
Fish whose roe is used in sushi SMELT
Grieves loudly ULULATES
Having mucho dinero RICO
He won this many Olympic gold medals MARKSPITZ
He wrote this many symphonies BEETHOVEN
How to find out what “this many” is in 17-, 21-, 52- and 57-Across COUNTTHESQUARES
It borders this many other states MISSOURI
It has this many legs ARACHNID
It’s only half due UNO
Like most of New York State’s flag BLUE
Man in Mannheim HERR
Man produces ___ as a bee produces honey: William Golding EVIL
Many an art print, informally LITHO
Monarch who took the throne in ’52 QEII
Narrow waterway RIA
National Adoption Mo. NOV
No longer all there SENILE
Not take things lying down, say SUE
Now, in Bilbao AHORA
Observe NOTE
Oktoberfest order STEIN
Oktoberfest order ALE
One hailed on Broadway? CAB
One stop on a grand tour VENICE
Ones carrying roses, maybe SUITORS
Part of a baseball SEAM
Part of a how-to manual STEP
Poet who wrote “In the Vanities / No one wears panities” NASH
Polar bird TERN
Rank above maj. LTCOL
Seuss’s star-bellied creatures SNEETCHES
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Singer/songwriter Matthews DAVE
Slow sort, informally POKE
Soap brand mentioned in “Hair” RINSO
Some slushy drinks ICEES
Stuck-up HAUGHTY
The Devil has one GOATEE
The New Yorker cartoonist who wrote “What I Hate: From A to Z” CHAST
Two in the news ITEM
Washington and Adams: Abbr. MTS
What a salesperson may be assigned AREA
Wipe out, in slang EATIT
Word before “Johnny” or “Lucy” HERES
Zip your lip! SHUSH

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