New York Times – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
___ end up THIS
100+ million-selling band that once held a Guinness record for loudest concert THEWHO
A.C.A. part ACT
Animal with the longest gestation, at nearly two years ELEPHANT
Anti-slippage substances ROSINS
Back now after going out? RELIT
Birds on New Zealand dollar coins KIWIS
Capacity ROLE
Charming WINSOME
Class struggle? TEST
Confirmed being locked, as a car BEEPED
Corresponded with WROTE
Couple’s matching pair, informally HISNHERS
Cousin of a crow DAW
Cruise seat DECKCHAIR
Desperately in need of approval, in modern slang THIRSTY
Diagram of possibilities TREE
Diner fixture GRIDDLE
Distance in astronomy: Abbr. LTYR
Entrenched network inside a government DEEPSTATE
Fair-hiring inits. EOE
Fastener with a crosspiece TBOLT
Foretell the future SCRY
Fossey who studied gorillas DIAN
German city on the Elbe HAMBURG
His number 33 is retired by the Lakers KAREEM
Historical transition point ENDOFANERA
Household item usually stored upside down WINEGLASS
How clever! AHA
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia woman DEE
Kepler’s contemporary and assistant BRAHE
Lady bird HEN
Like HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” SATIRIC
Like unfinished laundry DAMP
Lit class reading ODE
Not neat OVERICE
Oh, for heaven’s sake! YEESH
One out of 10 TOE
Org. in “Inglourious Basterds” OSS
Otter’s den HOLT
Paintings such as “Cat and Bird” and “The Goldfish” KLEES
Part-time newspaper employee STRINGER
Pledge drive plea DONATE
Pocket of the Mideast PITABREAD
Prefix with -genetic EPI
Put in play? CAST
Rapper who was part of N.W.A EAZYE
S.F. winter setting PST
Shipping or handling FEE
Shots are taken off of them TEES
Simple skate park tricks OLLIES
Sol’s counterpart HELIOS
Some early computers IBMS
Space for a lace EYELET
Stand too close to CROWD
Stick (onto) GLOM
Supply for sauteing OLIVEOIL
Teeth COGS
To the power of symbol CARET
Topic of the mnemonic “Eat An Apple As A Nighttime Snack” CONTINENTS
Under the specified word, in a reference book SUBVOCE
Warm place to chill HOTTUB
Winner of eight Winter Olympics medals in the 2000s APOLOOHNO
With 26-Down, the place of today’s puzzle among all New York Times crosswords TWENTYFIVE
Words of summation INSHORT
Wouldn’t that be nice! IFONLY

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