New York Times – Apr 21 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РApr 21 2018 Saturday

Clues Answers
#1 in the standings ONTOP
___ Corporation, predecessor of RC Cola’s Royal Crown Company NEHI
A dirty look THEEYE
Aid for achieving a flat stomach? CORSET
Attire that’s often checkered KILT
Baseball or basketball ORB
Body image, for short TAT
Bud drinker? BEE
Card game cry UNO
Child’s request STORY
Common two-word email SEEATTACHED
Competition whose opponents try to touch each other EPEE
Convinced SOLD
Currency unit equal to 100 kurus LIRA
Dada, to its critics NONART
Dropped FELL
Ending with electro- LYSIS
Events of interest to antiquers ESTATESALES
Expense for a business start-up LOGO
Familiar work force add-ons, maybe REHIRES
Fifty Shades of Grey, e.g. EROTICNOVEL
Fourth god to exist, in Greek myth EROS
Fruity Asian drink BUBBLETEA
Get bored with TIREOF
Gynecologist of cinema DRT
Have-nots, with “the” POOR
Heart CORE
Hotel room restriction NOPETS
Juvenile put-down LOSER
Landform near a loch BRAE
Like many easy-to-digest foods LOWFIBER
Like some blankets and arguments HEATED
Marxist from Argentina CHE
Minute, in baby talk ITTY
Mixed, in a way COED
Motor Trend’s 1968 Car of the Year GTO
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Carter CRIS
No-no for an offensive lineman HOLD
Not doing too much IDLE
One of the detectives in “Lethal Weapon” RIGGS
Passage between life and death GREATDIVIDE
Pauses RESTS
Pistons great Thomas ISIAH
Predator of penguins ORCA
Procedure that targets mutations GENETHERAPY
Punch the air SHADOWBOX
Purplish-red hue CLARET
Qtys. for chefs TSPS
Revolving barriers STILES
Rock sample? DEMOTAPE
Ron who wrote “Born on the Fourth of July” KOVIC
Science fair display DIORAMA
Second hand AIDE
Show of emotion TEARS
Sites for some touchdowns HELIPORTS
Spinoff of TV’s “JAG” NCIS
Starting point for rappelling LEDGE
Stuck, in a way TREED
Subject of the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges GAYMARRIAGE
Super Mario Bros. platform NES
Teacher of lip-reading to the deaf ORALIST
Topical THEMED
What people rarely do with shoes on LIEINBED
Windows alternative OSX
Wite-Out manufacturer BIC
Words accompanying a raised hand, maybe INEEDHELP
You flatter me OHSTOPIT
Zoolander co-star, 2001 FERRELL

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