New York Times – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘… but I could be wrong’ ORNOT
‘Don’t panic’ EASY
‘Get ___’ REAL
‘Party Up (Up in Here)’ rapper, 2000 DMX
‘Police Line – Do Not Cross’ material TAPE
‘Same with me’ ASAMI
‘Selma’ director DuVernay AVA
‘Uhh …’ ERM
‘What ___ thou?’ SAYST
1899 gold rush destination NOME
A state of rapture HEAVEN
A.F.L. partner CIO
Actresses Field and Hawkins SALLYS
Agricultural locale that’s weed-friendly? POTFARM
All-too-common V.A. diagnosis PTSD
Auto repair chain MAACO
Bacon runoff FAT
Balance REST
Ballet choreography? JETEPROPELLEDPLAN
Be absolutely awesome RULE
Beaut GEM
Bedbug, e.g PEST
Black ___ OPS
Blemish for a straight-A student BPLUS
Book after Jonah MICAH
Boundary between the earth and the underworld, in myth STYX
Boxcars half SIX
Breakfast order at a diner SMALLOJ
Broody genre EMO
Bugs’s cartoon pursuer ELMER
Build up HYPE
Butts CIGS
Cartoonist Thomas NAST
Cockeyed ALOP
Demeaners of the #MeToo movement, say SEXISTS
Depletes USESUP
Down’s counterpart: Abbr ACR
Draws TIES
Dungeons & Dragons, e.g., for short RPG
Early Chinese dynasty WEI
Eat a little here, a little there GRAZE
Emotionally developed MATURE
Equilibrium STASIS
Event for Jesus described in Matthew 3:13-17 BAPTISM
Expatriate DEPORT
February birthstones AMETHYSTS
FEMA offering AID
Fickleness of life UPSANDDOWNS
First name on the Supreme Court ELENA
Firstborn ELDEST
Florida city whose name ends with two state postal abbreviations OCALA
Forte’s opposite PIANO
Gay ___ PAREE
Giggle syllable HEE
Greek god of sleep HYPNOS
Having gone tit for tat EVEN
High flier KITE
Hives, e.g NESTS
Hoosier hoopster PACER
Humiliate ABASE
Hyphen’s longer cousin ENDASH
III or IV, maybe SON
In days of yore AGO
Iowa senator elected in 2014 ERNST
It’s a wrap SERAPE
James who was nominated for a 1967 Grammy for ‘Tell Mama’ ETTA
Clues Answers
Journalist Fallaci ORIANA
Kegler’s org PBA
Kind of tide NEAP
Lambaste SHELLAC
Like the digit ‘0’ in 2018? LEASTBUTNOTLAST
Looped in, in a way CCED
Loses intentionally THROWS
Lumbering, say OAFISH
Makes eye contact before undressing? STARESANDSTRIPS
Makes potable, in a way DESALTS
Mean-spirited sort CHURL
Minor setback HICCUP
Notable whose name is an anagram of GALORE ALGORE
Number between nueve and once DIEZ
Ocean buildup SEAOOZE
Old flames EXES
One of five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council USA
One reading up on infant care, maybe NEWMOM
Orbitz booking TRIP
Org. with evening meetings PTA
Parent wearing your Superman costume? FATHERINONESCAPE
Part of a stockyard PEN
Places for conductors TRAMS
Politician inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame NADER
Popular Mexican folk song LACUCARACHA
Positioned SITED
Probably will ISAPTTO
Put on an act? LEGISLATE
Put out SORE
R.B.I.s or H.R.s STAT
R.p.m. indicator TACH
Racy film NUDIE
Rarity in a Polish name? VOWEL
Reynolds of ‘Deadpool’ RYAN
Richard Gere title role DRT
Root beer brand since 1937 DADS
Script suggestion about starting the fight scene? NOTEAMOMENTTOSPAR
Skipper, informally CAPN
Some arm bones HUMERI
Southernmost Ivy PENN
Sport WEAR
Subjects of an apartment restriction PETS
Supergiant in Cygnus DENEB
T-shirt size: Abbr MED
Take for granted PRESUME
Tally, in Britain TOTUP
The ‘A’ of I.P.A ALE
The ‘e’ of i.e EST
The New Yorker cartoonist Chast ROZ
The sun, for one STAR
Tip of the tongue? ESE
Title city in a 1960 #1 song ELPASO
Trail mix bit RAISIN
Treeless plain LLANO
University of Illinois city URBANA
Vituperated RAGEDAT
Wall St. worker ARB
Was harder for the bronco buster to hold on to? HADLESSHORSEMANE
What the classics stand TESTOFTIME
When doubled, a 2010s dance craze NAE
Wide-eyed type NAIF
Widening of the mouth? DELTA
Willa who wrote ‘My Ántonia’ CATHER
Year abroad ANO
___ whale KILLER

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