New York Times – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Get ___ to a nunnery’: Hamlet THEE
‘High’ feelings HOPES
‘Poppycock!’ ROT
‘Shucks!’ DRAT
‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ baby ROO
Actress Linney in ‘Kinsey’ LAURA
Age indicator in a tree trunk RING
Annoy VEX
Arctic people INUIT
At any time EVER
Aye’s opposite NAY
Baby blues, e.g EYES
Barbecue rod SPIT
Be dishonest with LIETO
Bear patiently ABIDE
Belly dancer’s gyrating body part HIP
Big Bad Wolf’s target PIG
Blazing LIT
Blazing AFIRE
Cavernous openings MAWS
Choice from a painter’s palette HUE
Concerning ASTO
Creditors’ claims on property LIENS
Cut and paste text, e.g EDIT
Dance movement STEP
Diminishes, as patience WEARSTHIN
Embassy staffer ATTACHE
Engaged in country-to-country combat ATWAR
Entries in the minus column DEBITS
French water EAU
Friendly NICE
German luxury carmaker AUDI
Get over a sunburn, maybe PEEL
Green pasta sauce PESTO
Gummy gumbo vegetable OKRA
Gyro wrap PITA
Holder of unread emails INBOX
Home to 48 countries ASIA
Irene of old Hollywood DUNNE
Clues Answers
J.F.K.’s predecessor DDE
Johnny who sang ‘Chances Are’ MATHIS
Kudrow of ‘Friends’ LISA
Language of Bangkok THAI
Lead off … or a hint to the circled letters GOFIRST
Legacy student’s relative, for short ALUM
Like most businesses from 9 to 5 OPEN
Likewise ALSO
Longtime senator Thurmond STROM
Makings of a castle at the beach SAND
Michelangelo’s ‘David,’ for one NUDE
Nintendo game console WII
Passover no-no LEAVENEDBREAD
Pulsate THROB
Put the pedal to the metal SPED
Salmon variety COHO
Savings plan for old age, in short IRA
Sea snail with a mother-of-pearl shell ABALONE
Semiconductor device with two terminals DIODE
Small floor covering SCATTERRUG
Sneakily dangerous INSIDIOUS
Sound of a watch TICK
Source of maple syrup SAP
Standard breakfast order SCRAMBLEDEGGS
Steve who directed ’12 Years a Slave’ MCQUEEN
Story about Zeus and Hera, e.g MYTH
Suffragist Carrie Chapman ___ CATT
Swelter BROIL
The ‘T’ of Michael Jackson’s ‘P.Y.T.’ THING
The ‘Y’ of Michael Jackson’s ‘P.Y.T.’ YOUNG
Timeline periods ERAS
Totally loyal DEVOTED
Toward shelter, at sea ALEE
Trees attacked by bark beetles ELMS
Ultimately become ENDUP
Waste maker, in a saying HASTE
White as a ghost ASHEN
Witticism QUIP

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