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New York Times – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
___ Brothers (onetime investment giant) LEHMAN
___ ear TIN
___ Hau, pioneering physicist from Denmark LENE
___ out (try one’s best) GOALL
___ Park, site of experimental lighting MENLO
22-Across, with respect to this answer’s location SEVEN
41-Across, with respect to this answer’s location WINKS
46-Across, with respect to this answer’s location FIFTY
5-Across, with respect to this answer’s location OVER
A.A.A. suggestion: Abbr. RTE
Airport serving greater Tokyo NARITA
Asiatic animal with a mane ONAGER
Australian boot brand UGG
Backwoods turndown NAW
Bell Atlantic merger partner of 2000 GTE
Bolt of lightning speed USAIN
Bond portrayer after Brosnan CRAIG
Calms down QUIETS
Canyonlands National Park sight MESA
Carefully got around EASEDBY
Casual greetings YOS
Changes the opinion of SWAYS
Citizens of the only country that relies significantly on online voting in elections ESTONIANS
Classic catalog provider SEARS
Close-knit group TRIBE
Dagnabbit! OHFUDGE
Debussy’s “La ___” MER
Decked out? DEALT
Dismal fig. for a gas guzzler MPG
Ever-rising number AGE
Everyone’s arrived now ALLHERE
Eww! That’s quite enough! TMI
Father in “As I Lay Dying” ANSE
Father of William the Conqueror ROBERTI
Golf score BOGEY
Good name for a banker IRA
Greek peak on which Zeus was hidden as an infant MTIDA
I shall return, say VOW
In fairness EQUALLY
In your dreams! HAH
Jetson boy ELROY
Jordan joined it in 1984, for short NBA
Large, gray rain clouds NIMBI
Leads to, as one room to another OPENSINON
Least honorable BASEST
Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings,” e.g. ELF
Less tanned PALER
Maximum amount CEILING
Mideast city with a stock exchange TELAVIV
Monica on the court SELES
One who does what people want them to do PLEASER
Oviform : egg :: pyriform : ___ PEAR
Patch of loose rocks at the base of a cliff SCREE
Pirate captain whose treasure was thought to be buried on Oak Island KIDD
Pool growth ALGA
Prefix with law or label ECO
Prestigious school, for short PREP
Pretty Woman co-star GERE
QB stat TDS
Rembrandt van ___ RYN
Rio producer KIA
San ___ Obispo, Calif. LUIS
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Stumbling block SNAG
Swenson of “Benson” INGA
Tats INK
Time out? NAP
Tugs of war STRUGGLES
Villain in the “X-Men” movies MAGNETO
What might follow suit? TRIAL
Wishbone feature YSHAPE
Without stopping ENDLESSLY
Yellow Monopoly avenue VENTNOR