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New York Times – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Venus favors the bold’ writer OVID
A little extra for personal spending BEERMONEY
Ad ___ REM
Antarctica, for one DESERT
Any of four punk rock bandmates RAMONE
Awarder of billions in sports scholarships, in brief NCAA
Be off LEAVE
Be really bothered by LOSESLEEPOVER
Book of legends ATLAS
California tour locale NAPA
Car that’s an anagram of 14-Down EDSEL
Cassis cocktail KIR
Cat known as a Shirazi in the Mideast PERSIAN
City in the Midwest’s Story County AMES
Classic Studebaker AVANTI
Dance music subgenre ELECTRO
Disorganized group RABBLE
Do high-level banking? AVIATE
E.U. member: Abbr IRE
English industrial city described by Dickens as ‘an odious place’ LEEDS
Estadio exclamation OLE
Exquisitely delicate ETHEREAL
Goes around EVADES
Got room service, say ATEIN
Great desire ACHE
Greek goddess of witchcraft and the underworld HECATE
Hallucinate SEETHINGS
Houston is in it, but Dallas isn’t, briefly AFC
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Image that’s very pleasing to look at EYECANDY
Its first part is called a strophe ODE
Jack of ‘Dragnet’ WEBB
Just make, with ‘out’ EKE
L.A.-to-Fresno direction NNW
Lucre GELT
Clues Answers
Mechanical calculator pioneer PASCAL
Mesmerize ENTRANCE
Mine shaft borer TREPAN
Mythical bird ROC
Newspaper photo technique HALFTONE
One getting hit after hit? STONER
One-named folk singer ODETTA
Opposite of kindness SADISM
Outcast PARIAH
Philosophical issues that may be debated ETHICALDILEMMAS
Polar explorer Shackleton ERNEST
Pontiac Trans Am option TTOP
Possible reply to someone’s tactful remark ICANTAKEAHINT
Ratings org EPA
Ready to explode SEETHING
Request intervention PRAY
Ruble : Russian :: kuna : ___ CROATIAN
Ruckus STIR
Set off TRIP
Showy ballet leap ENTRECHAT
Sight on school grounds BIKESTAND
Smooth talker’s quality PATNESS
Snarky laugh syllable HAR
Stand’s opposite … or a bad thing to do on the stand LIE
Stripling LAD
Suffix with brilliant INE
Swillbelly SOT
Travel aimlessly GAD
Twin, to the other twin SIB
Up next ONTAP
Was off ERRED
Water diverter EAVE
What 90% of American households had in 2010 – but fewer have today CABLETELEVISION
Wild grp NHL
___ perpetuum (let it be everlasting: Lat.) ESTO