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New York Times – Apr 28 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Apr 28 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
___ law, principle stating that computer processing power doubles every 18 months MOORES
___ Valley, setting for “Of Mice and Men” SALINAS
2016 Emmy-winning lead actor for “Mr. Robot” RAMIMALEK
Annual ESPN broadcast since 1995 XGAMES
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Breaking Bad sidekick JESSE
Byrnes of “77 Sunset Strip” EDD
Candy in a straw PIXYSTIX
Capital of Nigeria ABUJA
Certain pilgrim HAJI
City that inspired a palace in “Aladdin” AGRA
City that’s home to the most Michelin three-star restaurants TOKYO
Come by GAIN
Comment that might follow “I used to be a banker until I lost interest” NOPUNINTENDED
Common fossil in Paleozoic rocks TRILOBITE
Crooked UNEVEN
Crude craft OILER
Didn’t fall in line RESISTED
Disband, to Brits DEMOB
Explore beyond limits sloganeer ACER
Fog, e.g. VAPOR
Fu-___ (legendary Chinese sage) HSI
Game whose direction of play can shift from clockwise to counterclockwise UNO
Good going! NICEMOVE
Having no way to escape TREED
Kind of chop VEAL
Kitchen implement PESTLE
Kool-Aid, e.g. MIX
Language in which plural adjectives end in -aj ESPERANTO
Leakage preventer GASKET
Like $10 gold eagle coins RARE
Like a world in which objective facts are less important than appeals to emotion and personal belief POSTTRUTH
Like Swiss vis-à-vis other cheeses HOLIER
Likes often feed it EGO
Lowest one in the pack OMEGADOG
More familiar name for Enrico Rizzo in an Oscar-winning film RATSO
Musical mark meaning “repeat” SEGNO
Object of the search by the Three Wise Men BABE
Ole Miss, with “the” REBELS
Paleolith, e.g. STONETOOL
Part of a fault line? MEA
Philosopher Weil who said “All sins are attempts to fill voids” SIMONE
Piano piece LEG
Ration METE
Refrain from NOTDO
Rushes HIES
Shot that determines who gets to break, in billiards LAG
Signal silently NODAT
Sound, informally ALLTHERE
Stand-ins PROXIES
State whose name means “snow-covered”: Abbr. NEV
Stiffens TENSES
Studmuffin SEXYBEAST
Styles MODES
Subleases RELETS
That ’70s Show role KELSO
The Grand Prix used to have one TTOP
This looks like the end for me! IMAGONER
Till compartment TENS
Tony ___, early Macy’s Day Parade balloon designer SARG
Tony-winning choreographer for “Movin’ Out” THARP
Tosspot SPONGE
Trendy hairstyle for men BUN
Turn-___ ONS
Turns inside out EVERTS
TV opening? TELE
What was I thinking?! DOH
Without cracking a smile, say DRILY