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New York Times – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t doubt me!’ ICANSO
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ subject, briefly SANDM
‘My man’ DADDYO
‘So obvious!’ AHA
‘The Sweetest Taboo’ singer, 1985 SADE
‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ girl EVA
‘What other explanation is there?!’ HASTOBE
‘___ Against Evil’ (IFC series) STAN
‘___ reading too much into this?’ AMI
2007 female inductee into the National Soccer Hall of Fame MIAHAMM
Absolutely harebrained INSANE
Actor Paul of ‘There Will Be Blood’ DANO
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Agrees to OKS
Albright’s successor as secretary of state POWELL
Astonishment AWE
Bar that might be dangerous SHOAL
Barnyard male TOM
Be agreeable SITWELL
Best Picture nominee with three sequels JAWS
Bill’s support YEA
Blue-green TEAL
Boca ___ RATON
Bygone gas brand with a torch in its logo AMOCO
Caesar dressing? TUNIC
Chart again REMAP
Chatty bird MYNA
Checkpoint offense, for short DWI
Combo bets PARLAYS
Come down hard, as hail PELT
Common core? EMS
Completely, after ‘in’ TOTO
Country whose capital lent its name to a fabric SYRIA
Craft shop item BEAD
Cry of devotion from a non-academy student? PUBLICSCHOOLILOVEYOU
Cryptanalysis org NSA
Delight JOY
Divinity sch SEM
Dog that doesn’t offend people? POLITICALLYCORRECTLAB
Dorm monitors RAS
Dr. ___ MOM
Dreyfus Affair figure ZOLA
Druid’s head cover COWL
Ecuadorean coastal province known for its gold ELORO
Elite court group ALLNBATEAM
First name on the Supreme Court SONIA
First name on the Supreme Court RUTH
Fixation FETISH
Former ‘Today’ show host JANEPAULEY
Funny face? EMOJI
Goings-on in accelerated classes? ADVANCEDPLACEMENTNEWS
Gore’s successor as vice president CHENEY
Green org EPA
Green-skinned god of the underworld OSIRIS
Gusto ELAN
Harley-Davidson competitor YAMAHA
Home for a Roman emperor VILLA
Hundred Acre Wood denizen ROO
Inclined to stress? ITALIC
Investment figures YIELDS
Islamic spirit JINN
It dethroned Sophia as the #1 baby girl’s name in the U.S. in 2014 EMMA
Italy’s ___ d’Orcia VAL
L.L.C. alternative INC
Clues Answers
Laid up ILL
Lead-in to -tainment EDU
Like ALA
Like poor months for oysters, it’s said RLESS
Like wet makeup SMEARY
Lord’s domain FIEF
Meadows filled with loos? WATERCLOSETFIELDS
Media watchdog grp FCC
Mentally wiped FRIED
Micronesian land PALAU
Modern subject of reviews APP
Morning zoo programming? ANTEMERIDIEMRADIO
Negligent REMISS
No longer edible BAD
Nowhere close FAROFF
Of service USABLE
Old letter opener SIRS
Old White House nickname ABE
Onetime Blu-ray rival HDDVD
Onetime Bond girl ___ Wood LANA
Online tracker COOKIE
Originally NEE
Our, in Tours NOTRE
Pac-12 school that’s not really near the Pacific UTAH
Panama City state: Abbr FLA
Parent co. of HuffPost AOL
Prime-time time NINEPM
Projects JUTS
Provider of aerial football views SKYCAM
Quashes ENDS
Queens player, for short NYMET
Ransack RIFLE
Rice dishes PILAFS
Role in ‘Thor,’ 2011 ODIN
Row maker HOE
Sch. of 30,000+ on the Mississippi LSU
Sch. with an annual Mystery Hunt MIT
Second letter after 118-Down IOTA
Second letter before 115-Down ETA
Second U.S. feature-length computer-animated movie, after ‘Toy Story’ ANTZ
Slice for a Reuben RYE
Some fasteners LATCHES
Some future execs MBAS
Some neckwear ASCOTS
Soprano Tebaldi RENATA
Source of the line ‘They shall beat their swords into plowshares’ ISAIAH
Square figure STATUE
Stave off DETER
Studio sign ONAIR
Stuffed SATED
Subject for Ken Burns, briefly NAM
Subject for The Source magazine RAP
Substantive MEATY
Supercollider bit ATOM
Symbol of China PANDA
That: Sp ESA
They aid in diagnosing A.C.L. tears MRIS
Things that have slashes URLS
Things that may be rolled or wild OATS
Totally awesome, in slang SICK
Weak period SLUMP
Went by air? WAFTED
Where sailors recover from their injuries? PHYSICALTHERAPYBOATS
With nothing out of place TIDILY
Word before pan or after Spanish OMELET
Word with camp or care DAY
Words of compassion ICARE
___ Poly CAL