New York Times – Apr 4 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Apr 4 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
___ beans SOYA
___ Brothers, duo who sang “Wake Up Little Susie” EVERLY
___ dead, Jim HES
___ G, Sacha Baron Cohen character ALI
Acre’s land ISRAEL
Adjust, as a piano TUNE
Aid and ___ ABET
Airport info, for short ETA
Beige-ish ECRU
Certain lily CALLA
Certain shot in hockey SLAP
Cheesy 1987 thriller? FETAATTRACTION
Cheesy 1992 military drama? AFEWGOUDAMEN
Cheesy 1993 legal drama? THEPELICANBRIE
Cheesy 2001 animated film? MUENSTERSINC
Cheesy stuff CORN
Cluster at many a highway interchange INNS
Coach … or what a coach is part of TRAIN
Contents of a vein ORE
Curly musical symbol CLEF
Custer’s “last” thing STAND
Dismissive interjection FEH
Earned a ticket, maybe SPED
Easy-peasy! NOPROB
Editor Bradlee of The Washington Post BEN
Fish with tiny scales EEL
Follower of John ACTS
Gas option: Abbr. REG
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Goes out with SEES
Hoses down WETS
Imperfection DEFECT
Inexpensive writing implement BICPEN
It’s SE of Penn. DEL
John famous for “silly walks” CLEESE
Jousters’ equipment LANCES
Just firm enough ALDENTE
Kind of cuisine with stir-frying ASIAN
Leprechauns’ land ERIN
Like the wire in clothes hangers BENT
Locale for a bathysphere SEA
Many promgoers: Abbr. SRS
Mediterranean building material STUCCO
Mr. ___ CLEAN
Nonmetric measure INCH
Part of a bottle NECK
Pericles, Prince of ___ TYRE
Poker stake ANTE
Prefix with cultural AGRI
Question for Brutus ETTU
Reduce to a pulp SMUSH
Result of driving on ice, perhaps SKID
Resuming the previous speed, in music ATEMPO
Rock that rolls? LAVA
Roman moon goddess LUNA
Rug you don’t walk on TOUPEE
Satirist Tom LEHRER
Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, in “The Lion King” HYENAS
Shouts made with the waving of white hankies OLES
Singer/songwriter Bareilles SARA
Skin art, informally TAT
Something you might slip on PEEL
Songwriters’ org. ASCAP
Spanish bear OSO
Summertime setting: Abbr. DST
Supply for Wile E. Coyote TNT
The Big Easy NOLA
The CW superseded it UPN
Times of day in classifieds AFTS
Tolkien elf played in film by Orlando Bloom LEGOLAS
Typos, e.g. ERRATA
Valuable collection TROVE
Wait a minute … HANGON
Wall-E’s love EVE
Wild equine ONAGER
Yo-yo ASS

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