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New York Times – Aug 10 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 10 2018 Friday 

Clues Answers
$100 bill, in slang BEN
___ Rock, N.J. GLEN
___-Caps (candy) SNO
Actor Cage, informally NIC
Alea iacta ___: Julius Caesar EST
All-time record setter on 4/8/1974 HANKAARON
Angry shout to an umpire AREYOUBLIND
Automatic for the People band, 1992 REM
Believes BUYS
Big name in conditioning PAVLOV
Big name in coverage AETNA
Big name in movie rentals ITUNES
Black-and-white POLICECAR
Chervil or chives HERB
Contribute PAYIN
Do Ya grp. ELO
Farm young ‘un PIGLET
Followed HEEDED
Frontier figure EARP
Herbert of the “Pink Panther” films LOM
Inept sort GOMER
Info to use against somebody, metaphorically AMMO
Insolent talk GUFF
It might include “New Folder” and “Close Window” FILEMENU
It was launched with Sputnik SPACERACE
It’s no six-pack, ironically BEERBELLY
Jean Auel heroine AYLA
Jessica of “Sin City” ALBA
Kind of pressure SINUS
La Loge artist RENOIR
Least believable LAMEST
Like the Oscars and the Emmys EMCEED
Main antagonist in George Orwell’s “1984” OBRIEN
Miracle-___ GRO
Move to the right incrementally TAB
Multi-time Pro Bowl tight end Greg OLSEN
One way to stand ASIDE
One who arrives around Halloween SCORPIO
Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Pacific capital APIA
Peter of “My Favorite Year” OTOOLE
Prefix with -metry OPTO
Ranch sobriquet TEX
Regards EYES
Rotary phone, for one RETRONYM
Sedated, say ONMEDS
Setting for the first Mickey Mouse cartoon STEAMBOAT
Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television comedian CARLIN
Shut out SKUNK
Something New York and Los Angeles each have TIMES
Something that may be stiff UPPERLIP
Southwestern tree with needles NUTPINE
Stumblebum LUMMOX
Superstore EMPORIUM
System of unspoken words, for short ASL
Time in Italy ORA
TV channel with the slogan “Very funny” TBS
Wagner’s oeuvre OPERAS
Weapon in medieval warfare RAM
Well, looky here! OHO
Where a rocky relationship may end SPLITSVILLE
Where the brachialis muscle is found ARM
Wind sources GASBAGS
You make a point FAIR