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New York Times – Aug 11 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РAug 11 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
___ Falls, N.Y. GLENS
All these ___ … YEARS
Already: Fr. DEJA
Alternatives to strollers BABYSLINGS
Aromatic resin BALSAM
Auction figures BIDPRICES
Author Welty EUDORA
Big ___ SUR
Blarney stone? FAUXDIAMOND
Causing change ALTERANT
Comedian GAGMAN
Computer hardware inits. CPU
Creek relative SEMINOLE
Downturn SAG
Drive away DISPEL
Elite operative, for short USNAVYSEAL
Emmy-winning newsman Roger MUDD
Equipment found in warehouse stores LADDERS
Everyday PLAIN
Excess FAT
Expert on bugs TECHIE
Extremely, informally HELLUVA
First name in psychoanalysis SIGMUND
Former Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Frasier’s brother on “Frasier” NILES
Go back button abbr. on some remotes PREV
Hearts GISTS
Houston and Dallas, historically OILTOWNS
International soccer star Luis ___ SUAREZ
It comes before long ERE
It was launched on the same day as Windows 95 MSN
Main antagonist in “Toy Story” SID
Massive resource: Abbr. OED
Off-color RACY
Passport or driver’s license LEGALID
People of southern Kenya MAASAI
Place LIEU
Places to go out and have a gas? OXYGENBARS
Problems resulting from a poor paternal relationship DADDYISSUES
Prominent instrument in raga music SITAR
Proud, passionate type, supposedly LEO
Put on ___ AIRS
Rapper ___ Khalifa WIZ
Repetitive farewell from “The Sound of Music” ADIEUADIEU
Saucony competitor AVIA
Scientists who measure the exact shape and size of Earth GEODESISTS
Seller of shooting equipment CAMERASHOP
Shaded ring AREOLA
Show around the area? LOCALCOLOR
Show signs of a sore loser SULK
Simple business, frankly speaking? HOTDOGSTAND
Spike LACE
Spitball, e.g. PROJECTILE
Stop by ENDAT
Studmuffin ADONIS
Stumpers? POLS
Subject of devotion IDOL
Swam with the fishes, say SNORKELED
Tammany Hall cartoonist NAST
Titular misanthrope in a Shakespeare play TIMON
Trash-talk DIS
Trick GET
Two-pointed hat worn by Napoleon BICORN
What Hawaii has that Alaska lacks? DOTTEDIS
Word from the Latin for “seaweed” ALGA