New York Times – Aug 11 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Adorkable’ one, maybe DWEEB
‘Killing ___’ (Sandra Oh series) EVE
‘Malternative’ beverage ALCOPOP
‘Mamma ___!’ MIA
‘Roger that’ IGOTCHA
‘Stuffed’ food item at a pub POTATOSKIN
‘You can’t possibly mean me?!’ MOI
‘___ you for real?’ ARE
1981’s ‘Gorky Park’ or 2012’s ‘Gone Girl’ CRIMENOVEL
1996 double-platinum Beck album ODELAY
20,310 ft., for Denali ELEV
Ancient marketplace AGORA
Appeared poker-faced SHOWEDNOEMOTION
Bakers’ amts TSPS
Blu-ray forerunner DVD
Brand with the record for a single car driven the most miles (3+ million and counting) VOLVO
Certain Wall Street takeover, in brief LBO
Danish coin KRONE
Directive before ‘awake’ or ‘woke’ STAY
Effect created by a guitar pedal, informally REVERB
Fix, as loose laces RETIE
Footnote abbr IBID
Highly unconventional OUTRE
iPad Pro, for one TABLET
It’s $550 for 17-Across/ 8-Down with a hotel on it RENT
It’s been known to chase Wild Turkeys BEER
It’s mostly nitrogen on Earth, but carbon dioxide on Mars AIR
Jan. honoree MLK
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s alma mater UCLA
Large bay window ORIEL
Letter before theta ETA
Loser to Truman in 1948 DEWEY
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Magazine highlighting Clio winners ADWEEK
Muppet with a unibrow BERT
Musician Yoko ONO
N.B.A. great with five championship rings as a player and three as a head coach STEVEKERR
N.B.A. scoring stat: Abbr PTS
Name of 11 pharaohs RAMSES
One told to ‘Go get ’em!’ TIGER
One whose porridge was too cold for Goldilocks MAMABEAR
Pair of cymbals in a drum kit HIHAT
Partner of then NOW
Paved the way LED
Peeved IRKED
Pennsylvania petroleum center, once OILCITY
Prefix with day or night MID
Preschooler, say TOT
Provider of a canyon trail ride BURRO
Regulator mechanism, for short SERVO
Result of a damaged hard drive DATALOSS
See 17-Across: Abbr AVE
See 31-Across ONTV
Seemed confused, maybe HADABLANKLOOK
Support column PILLAR
Swarm MOB
Taiwan Strait’s ___ Islands MATSU
Utter hell, say? SWEAR
Whittle (down) PARE
With 48-Down, promotional phrase on some product packages ASSEEN
With 8-Down, light blue Monopoly property VERMONT
World Cup cheer OLE
___ Khan (Muslim title) AGA

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