New York Times – Aug 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Roseanne’ actress Gilbert SARA
‘SportsNation’ station ESPN
‘Well, whaddya know!’ OHO
A pelican has a big one BEAK
Arthur with a namesake stadium ASHE
Barack’s opponent in 2012 MITT
Be lucky in Scrabble … or come up short memorywise DRAWABLANK
Big name in grills WEBER
Bit of fishery equipment NET
Brought to ruin DIDIN
Cannabis variety used for rope HEMP
Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ and ‘Music’ LPS
Carpet layer’s measurement AREA
Chevy model named for a Western lake TAHOE
Chimed in on the conversation PIPEDUP
Clean (off) WIPE
Common golf shirts POLOS
Curling surface ICE
Damage somewhat MAR
Demean ABASE
Devoted follower FAN
Diplomat’s forte TACT
Drop that might run down the face TEAR
Drug giant ___ Lilly ELI
English school on the Thames ETON
Excessive UNDUE
Femme fatale VAMP
Fiction’s opposite FACT
Gel-producing succulent ALOE
Group’s basic customs MORES
Gunky roofing stuff TAR
Have dinner EAT
Hawaiian hello ALOHA
Health products chain GNC
Helper AIDE
Jason’s fleece-seeking ship ARGO
Jokester WAG
Land with pyramids EGYPT
Leave a lasting legacy … or do worse at school GODOWNINHISTORY
Clues Answers
Letters suggesting a sellout SRO
List shortener: Abbr ETC
Lou with more than 70 albums RAWLS
Margin EDGE
Most hip COOLEST
Nongovernmentally owned ship decked out for war PRIVATEER
One giving you the aye? PRO
One of the Baltic States LATVIA
Out on a naval deployment ATSEA
Part of Adam from which Eve was fashioned RIB
Pear variety BOSC
Peruvian animal LLAMA
Sch. near Hollywood UCLA
Score in baseball … or ruin some hose GETARUN
Shoe with holes CROC
Sing-___ (hootenanny feature) ALONG
Small chance to win big bucks LOTTERY
Sound of annoyance TSK
Spongy ground BOG
Start of a mixed message, as illustrated by 17-, 23-, 39- and 54-Across GOODNEWSBADNEWS
Starting point for a horse race GATE
Stephanie Clifford ___ Stormy Daniels AKA
Succeed on the gridiron … or invite a slap in the face MAKEPASSES
Temperamental MOODY
The ‘I’ of M.I.T.: Abbr INST
The Gershwins’ ‘Of ___ I Sing’ THEE
Times Sq. squad NYPD
Toledo’s home OHIO
Trusty companions SIDEKICKS
TV journalist Curry ANN
U.S. city with the world’s busiest airport ATLANTA
Unclear VAGUE
Under the covers ABED
Up to now ASYET
Vichyssoise vegetable LEEK
Waders with curved bills IBISES
Word after Near, Middle or Far EAST
Zodiac ram ARIES

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