New York Times – Aug 16 2018

New York Times РAug 16 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
___’acte ENTR
64-/65-Across work of 1976 TAXIDRIVER
64-/65-Across work of 1978, with “The” DEERHUNTER
64-/65-Across work of 1980 RAGINGBULL
64-/65-Across work of 1990 GOODFELLAS
64-/65-Across work of 1995 CASINO
64-/65-Across work of 1996 THEFAN
Agricultural giant with the mascot Bobby Banana DOLE
Amazon menace BOA
Annoyances in some free apps ADS
As You Like It hero ORLANDO
At all EVER
Baghdad’s ___ City SADR
Buffoon ASS
Canon offering, briefly SLR
Classic Langston Hughes poem ITOO
County name in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma OSAGE
Current measurer AMMETER
Employer of 64-/65-Across FILMSTUDIO
Engineering discipline, informally AERO
Extend one’s service REUP
First coeducational college in the U.S. OBERLIN
French refusals NONS
Fritz ___, noir director LANG
Geometric figure AREA
Go over PERUSE
Hard to pin down ELUSIVE
Impressionist APER
It ended in 1806: Abbr. HRE
It’s f-f-f-freezing! BRRR
Jobs announcement of 2010 IPAD
Justice with the longest Supreme Court tenure DOUGLAS
Kept quarters RESIDED
Killed time IDLED
King of Belgium during W.W. II LEOPOLD
Lackluster, as writing PROSY
Largest city in the Baltic States RIGA
Lichen component ALGA
Middle of a famous boast VIDI
Milk choice NONFAT
Milk dispenser TEAT
Missed the mark ERRED
Obama education secretary Duncan ARNE
Oktoberfest quaff BIER
Online commentaries BLOGS
Prepared to fire AIMED
Quid pro quo TRADE
Quietly understood TACIT
Recital highlight SOLO
Revivalists, for short? EMTS
Revlon cosmetics brand ALMAY
Rolled fare BURRITO
Roman road ITER
Roush in the Baseball Hall of Fame EDD
Says yes to the gang, say ISIN
See 64-Across DENIRO
Seine tributary OISE
Slow-moving ships TUBS
Snake target CLOG
Spring awakening sign THAW
Take another shot at REDO
That burns! YOW
Time ___ (bygone sci-fi series) TRAX
Title lover in a 1922 Broadway hit ABIE
Turns loose (on) SICS
Up in the air, for short TBA
Venue for a 64-/65-Across movie of 2016 COMEDYCLUB
Volumes that almost always have indexes ATLASES
What you get, with time OLDER
Winter air NOEL
With 65-Across, subject of this puzzle, born 8/17/1943 ROBERT
Working hard ATIT

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