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New York Times – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘In ___ of flowers …’ LIEU
‘Most definitely, monsieur!’ OUIOUI
‘Stupid’ segments on old David Letterman shows PETTRICKS
‘Tiny’ Dickens boy TIM
‘We need help!’ SOS
Actress Berry HALLE
Again ANEW
Air-conditioning meas BTU
Buddies PALS
Caspian and Caribbean SEAS
Casually browse online SURFTHENET
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Companion of ‘oohs’ AAHS
Cook in oil FRY
Cry between ‘Ready’ and ‘Go!’ SET
Dance at Jewish weddings HORA
Demonstrates some sleight of hand PALMSCARDS
Director DuVernay of ‘Selma’ AVA
Displays of huffiness SNITS
Dog’s foot PAW
Drop of golden sun RAY
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Elements of a strategy TACTICS
Em, to Dorothy, in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ AUNT
Extremes of the earth POLES
Extremities ENDS
Feature of a Las Vegas ‘bandit’ ONEARM
File shareable on a PC or Mac PDF
Financial ctr. in Manhattan WALLST
Fruit-filled pastries TARTS
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise AIOLI
Gobbled up ATE
Goes a-courting WOOS
Greek peak in Thessaly OSSA
Greets from across the way, say WAVESHELLO
Ha-ha, online LOL
Hanukkah potato treat LATKE
Ice cream serving SCOOP
Illusionist Geller URI
Info in a Who’s Who listing BIO
Is gaga over ADORES
Jacob’s first wife, in the Bible LEAH
Leisurely walks STROLLS
Less than zero: Abbr NEG
Lock of hair TRESS
Lollygags LOAFS
Low-calorie drinks DIETSODAS
Madrid’s land, to locals ESPANA
Mixes with a spoon, say STIRS
Modern term of endearment BAE
Needs for playing Quidditch BROOMS
Off-the-cuff remark ADLIB
Openly acknowledge AVOW
Property along the ocean … or a hint to the starts of 18-, 23-, 36- and 47-Across BEACHFRONT
Psychic glows AURAS
Put a ring on it! EAR
Reply in a roll call HERE
Sandwich inits BLT
Shooting star, some might think OMEN
Should arrive any minute now ISDUE
Sick ILL
Sierra ___ (African country) LEONE
Skin care product TONER
Sound preceding ‘Gesundheit!’ ACHOO
Stockholm native SWEDE
That is to say, in Latin IDEST
The Beatles’ ‘___ Leaving Home’ SHES
The ___ Spoonful (1960s pop group) LOVIN
Things, collectively STUFF
Time of lament SADDAY
What it takes to tango TWO
Word before taught or effacing SELF
___ lily SEGO