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New York Times – Aug 2 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 2 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
___ value SHOCK
11-time All-Star Carlton FISK
1975 Wimbledon winner ASHE
A giant among Giants OTT
Abstract sculpture STABILE
Afflictions ILLS
An investor might want to get a fair one SHAKE
Average mark CEE
Bad shot MISS
Bikini, e.g. ISLE
Bulletproof vest material KEVLAR
Bunch of papers SHEAF
Cake servings for dieters SLIVERS
Carrier of something that might burn TEATRAY
Chinese money YUAN
Constant Craving Grammy winner KDLANG
Cry aboard a frigate HEAVEHO
Dalmatian or Croatian SLAV
Dec. 31 NYE
Distort SKEW
Dog food brand ALPO
Drive-___ THRU
Evidence of a little spasm TIC
Falling down in a pillow fight? EIDER
Farm enclosure STY
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Gathering of spies? INTEL
Giggle syllable HEE
Give a little bit SAG
Go “heh-heh” SNICKER
Home to TD Ameritrade OMAHA
Interjection heard when breaking up HAHA
It can take root in wet places RUST
It’s a blast TOOT
Like many Quaker products OATEN
Like Samuel Beckett IRISH
Line on a contract DATE
Long Island airport town ISLIP
Lowly workerN PEON
Manhandle PAW
Many people may be eliminated by one HITLIST
Noted First Amendment advocate, for short ACLU
Ones in the know TIPSTERS
Overalls material DENIM
Passed, as bad checks KITED
Perceptive ASTUTE
Place for a mogul SKISLOPE
Pot grower? ANTE
Puh-lease! ASIF
Revolutionary symbol CHE
Ring cry OLE
Rumpus ADO
Schedule SLATE
See 31-Across TOP
See 65-Across FLIPS
Shade of white PEARL
Short course in supply and demand? ECON
Skedaddle SPLIT
Slight coloring TINT
Something at the end of the hook? FIST
Space chimp of 1961 ENOS
Submarine equipment SONAR
The x’s of xoxo KISSES
They go up to the knees SHINS
Trash boats SCOWS
Video blogger’s aid WEBCAM
Wallops BASHES
Weighed down LADEN
Wet bar locale? BATH
What Christ the Redeemer overlooks, for short RIO
What to call a king SIRE
Winter truck attachment PLOW
With 31-Down, breaking records, maybe HIP
With 55-Down, actions that can be performed nine times in this puzzle without affecting any of the clues? COIN
Yearning WISTFUL