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New York Times – Aug 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Born in the ___’ USA
‘My Way’ lyricist Paul ANKA
‘That’s funny!’ HAHA
‘Weekend Update’ show, for short SNL
Adjust the pitch of TUNE
Alan who wrote the book ‘If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?’ ALDA
Assist in a crime ABET
Back of a boat STERN
Be in accord AGREE
Bold type DARER
Brand that ‘nobody doesn’t like’ SARALEE
Bygone Swedish car SAAB
California politico Garcetti ERIC
Carne asada holder TACO
Catch cold? NAB
Chapter’s counterpart VERSE
Choose, with ‘for’ OPT
Christmas carol NOEL
Cockamamie INANE
Concert bonuses ENCORES
Counting everything INTOTO
Cutting-___ (pioneering) EDGE
Desert beast CAMEL
Deserves EARNS
Dimwit YOYO
Direction from Mo. to Me ENE
Disney World park EPCOT
Easiest numbers to dial on a rotary phone ONES
Emmy winner Christine LAHTI
Excellent, informally PHAT
Freshwater polyp HYDRA
From a distance AFAR
Greek ‘H’ ETA
Have a hunch SENSE
Home to the majority of earthlings ASIA
Hourglass contents SAND
Jam ingredient? AUTO
Landowners’ papers DEEDS
Like a prison fugitive ATLARGE
Low-fat LEAN
Mattress cover SHEET
Meat entree in Austria VIENNASAUSAGES
Meat entree in New Zealand BEEFWELLINGTON
Meat entree in the United Kingdom LONDONBROIL
Meat entree in Ukraine CHICKENKIEV
Moby Dick and others WHALES
Mouse catcher TRAP
No longer on the plate EATEN
Olive of cartoons OYL
Owl’s sound HOOT
Panache ELAN
Person not getting credit for a brave act UNSUNGHERO
Pewter component TIN
Pop-up that results in the batter being called out even if the ball isn’t caught INFIELDFLY
Pound sound ARF
Practice piece at a conservatory ETUDE
Pro in taking dictation STENO
Pub pints ALES
Public bathroom compartment STALL
Ran out of juice DIED
Religious offshoot SECT
Reprimand to a dog BAD
River embankments LEVEES
Separator of a.m. and p.m NOON
Small dog TOY
Sound elicited by a punch in the gut OOF
Sound of disapproval TSK
Symbol on the Texas state flag STAR
The movie industry CINEMA
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
Thing attached to a sloop’s boom MAINSAIL
Traditional knowledge LORE
Travel about ROAM
Up to the task ABLE
___ Air (affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles) BEL