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New York Times – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
___ eyes GOOGLY
___ Walks in Beauty (Byron poem) SHE
1978 Grammy nominee Chris REA
Accolade for “Mad Men” in four consecutive years BESTDRAMA
Accordion part REED
Act unprofessionally? EMOTE
Agouti relative PACA
Amenable sorts AGREERS
Biblical prophet who was fed by ravens ELIJAH
Big name in athletic footwear AVIA
Bucko LAD
Bundle of nerves RETE
C3H8, familiarly PROPANE
Caribbean home of Blackbeard’s Castle CHARLOTTEAMALIE
Cast with difficulty HEAVE
College town east of Greensboro ELON
Coolest thing about a train? REFRIGERATORCAR
Correo ___ AEREO
Crude shelter SHANTY
Director ___ C. Kenton ERLE
Divided land: Abbr. KOR
Eastern melodies RAGAS
Evita narrator CHE
Flirt with disaster TEETERONTHEEDGE
Foes of the Bolsheviks TSARISTS
Frederick Law ___, designer of New York’s Central Park OLMSTED
Futuristic play of 1921 RUR
Governor or senator follower ELECT
Helgenberger of “CSI” MARG
Hitchcock double feature? CHIN
Honeycomb component CELL
Ian of “Alien” HOLM
In good shape HALE
Island just north of the Equator SAOTOME
Latin conjunction SED
Like most theater popcorn containers OVERSIZED
Like Novak Djokovic, by birth SERBIAN
Liqueur flavor SLOE
Log unit ENTRY
Modifier of a low price ONLY
Most of an S O S DITS
Neil Armstrong or Jesse Owens, say ALLAMERICANHERO
One of four in a Scrabble set RACK
One way to the Smithsonian METRO
Palate stimulus SAPOR
Part of a racing bike TOECLIP
Plant ___ ASEED
Printemps follower ETE
Quidditch position in the Harry Potter books SEEKER
Real-life villain who was an antagonist in Robert Ludlum’s “The Bourne Identity” CARLOSTHEJACKAL
Repercussion ECHO
Sale indicator REDTAG
Scratched (out) EKED
Secret advantage ACEUPONESSLEEVE
St. Peter’s Basilica attraction PIETA
Sweeps the board? ERASES
Swimming center? EMS
That ___! BITES
That’s my intention IPLANTO
The foundation of most governments, per John Adams FEAR
Trade, in brief BIZ
Vegetables high in beta carotene KALES
Went like a birdie ARCED
WordPress creation BLOG
You’d expect to see it before long. LAT