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New York Times – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Erase’ on a computer UNDO
Actor Cameron + actor Fairbanks = actor ___ KIRKDOUGLAS
Addis ___, Ethiopia ABABA
Assign stars to RATE
Bank (on) RELY
Bare minimum LEAST
Barn adjunct SILO
Basketball player Walton + basketball player Westbrook = basketball player ___ BILLRUSSELL
Be on the mend HEAL
Black tea variety PEKOE
Blockhead LUNK
Bluesy woodwind SAX
Bluish green TEAL
Brand of beans GOYA
Comedian Carell + comedian Short = comedian ___ STEVEMARTIN
Commotion TODO
Copycat MIMIC
Coup d’___ ETAT
Cuban dance RUMBA
Curly cabbage KALE
Drink at an ice cream shop SODA
Drug for insomniacs AMBIEN
Early Indus Valley inhabitant ARYAN
Elaine of ‘Seinfeld’ BENES
Farmland measure ACRE
Flapjack franchise, briefly IHOP
Flying toy that’s open-ended BOXKITE
Frenzied way to go AMOK
Full of attitude SASSY
Gen ___ (post-baby boomers) XERS
Gets nosy PRIES
Got a perfect score on ACED
Greek H’s ETAS
Hands-on science classes LABS
Hog’s home STY
Infuse with bubbles AERATE
Is the right size FITS
Jekyll’s counterpart HYDE
Leveling wedge SHIM
Loafer or pump SHOE
Loudly razz JEER
Mario who wrote ‘The Godfather’ PUZO
Neutrogena competitor OLAY
Object of an ogler HUNK
One whose car has a bonnet and tyres BRIT
Openly declare AVOW
Part of a book that’s rarely read straight through INDEX
Pinnacle ACME
Place that’s buzzing HIVE
Polo competitor IZOD
Practices pugilism SPARS
Provides funding for ENDOWS
Raises a question ASKS
Reason for a food recall ECOLI
Relative of a snowboard MONOSKI
Retirement income, for some ANNUITY
Ring result, for short TKO
Seized vehicles REPOS
Shortly ANON
Simplest arithmetic problems SUMS
Sine ___ non QUA
Singer Brown + singer Swift = singer ___ JAMESTAYLOR
Stag’s pride ANTLERS
Swindled BILKED
Temporary support for a bone fracture SPLINT
Thumbs-up votes YEAS
Top choice, informally FAVE
Total, as expenses RUNTO
Traveling salesperson’s assignment: Abbr RTE
Try to get a better deal HAGGLE
Two-wheeler BIKE
Unit in an online order cart ITEM
Where a mole shouldn’t be, in brief CIA
Writing on a book jacket BLURB
___-mo replay SLO