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New York Times – Aug 5 2018

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Clues Answers
’10-4′ GOTIT
‘Amen to that’ IAGREE
‘Down goes ___!’ (1973 sports line) FRAZIER
‘Fiddler on the Roof’ setting SHTETL
‘Horrible!’ BAH
‘I’m with ___’ HER
‘Let’s do it!’ IMIN
‘Li’l’ fellow ABNER
‘Mm-hmm’ ISEE
‘Nuh-uh!’ NOTTRUE
‘Siddhartha’ novelist HESSE
‘Well, I’ll be’ follower DARNED
‘What chutzpah!’ THENERVE
‘You only live once,’ for one MOTTO
2018 World Cup champs FRANCE
Albany is its capital: Abbr NYS
All-female group with the 1986 #1 hit ‘Venus’ BANANARAMA
Antiquated anesthetic ETHER
Application figs SSNS
B’way buys TIX
Baked beans flavor MAPLE
Be rumple-free LIEFLAT
Beat generation figure? HEARTRATE
Big scholarship awarder, for short NCAA
Birthplace of the Renaissance ITALY
Block from getting close to the basket BOXOUT
Body work, in brief TAT
Boozehound SOT
Brewer’s need YEAST
Caterer’s platter PARTYTRAY
Cause of a tossed joystick, maybe GAMERRAGE
Cause of some insomnia DRIP
Certain vacuum tube TRIODE
Chuck in the air YEAGER
Comic ___ Nancherla APARNA
Comic’s offerings GAGS
Competitor of Rugby ETON
Desire URGE
Director of ‘Eat Drink Man Woman,’ 1994 ANGLEE
Dish made from a fermented root POI
Dummkopf ASS
Early record holder HIFI
Earthen pot OLLA
Expecting help? LAMAZE
Friend of Descartes … or, in English, question pondered by Descartes? AMI
Frozen breakfast brand EGGO
Future attorney’s hurdle, for short LSAT
Good name for a botanist? FLORA
Gorsuch’s predecessor on the bench SCALIA
Grace’s surname on ‘Will & Grace’ ADLER
Grammy winner Erykah ___ BADU
Gridiron gains YARDS
Hell, informally SAMHILL
Hematite, e.g IRONORE
In case LEST
In spades BUTGOOD
Initiations have them RITUALS
It covers a lot of ground GRASS
It might take only seven digits LOCALCALL
Jazz singer who acted in the ‘Roots’ miniseries CARMENMCRAE
Lead-in to boy or girl ATTA
Lead-in to cone SNO
Leaves for baggage claim, say DEPLANES
Lengthy attack SIEGE
Like 100% inflation SOARING
Like this puzzle’s circled letters vis-à-vis their Across answers LOSTINTHESHUFFLE
Long line in Russia TSARS
Long ___ AGO
Longest American north-south rte USONE
Make airtight SEALUP
Makes out? TAGS
Clues Answers
Memphis-to-Nashville dir ENE
Mint family herb THYME
Mojito ingredient LIMEJUICE
Morticia, to Fester, in 1960s TV NIECE
Mötley ___ CRUE
Much of Aries’ span APRIL
Nail polish brand OPI
Nearest country to Cape Verde SENEGAL
Neutron’s home ATOM
Newsroom fixture TVSET
Not mainstream, briefly ALT
Old Germanic tribe TEUTONS
One wearing black eyeliner and ripped jeans, say GOTH
One-named singer whose last name is Adkins ADELE
One-on-one Olympics event EPEE
Oral examination? TASTETEST
Passes out DEALS
Per item EACH
Per item APOP
Pitches HURLS
Place for an altar APSE
Place for exhibitions ARTCENTER
Pong creator ATARI
Postgraduation stressors, for some LOANS
Prayer ending? FUL
Prefix with normal PARA
Pricey-sounding apparel brand? LACOSTE
Put claw marks in TEARAT
Puts to rest ALLAYS
RCA component RADIO
Reagan-era scandal IRANGATE
Recognition for a scientist NOBEL
Refining, as muscles TONING
Risks a ticket SPEEDS
Sampled TRIED
Schedule-keeping org IRS
Separations at weddings? AISLES
Setting for many G.I. stories NAM
Sharer of Russia’s western border ESTONIA
Skipped town WENT
Smoothie flavor ACAI
Some rustproof rails BRASSBARS
Sorbet-like dessert originally from Sicily GRANITA
Stage in getting a Ph.D ORALS
Star followers MAGI
Stud finder? MARE
Surface EMERGE
Taiwan-based electronics giant ACER
Talkative sort CHATTYCATHY
Team scream RAH
Tennis star’s feat SERENASLAM
Tinder, e.g APP
Trusted news source in the Mideast BBCARABIC
Two of diamonds? SYLLABLES
Viscount’s superior EARL
Vitamin B3 NIACIN
Washington team, familiarly CAPS
What it takes two to do DUET
When jams are produced RUSHHOUR
Whopper maker LIAR
Word repeated in ‘Mi ___ es su ___’ CASA
Word with noodle or nurse WET
Workplace for a cabin boy YACHT
Wrist watch? PULSE
___ Crunch CAPN
___ Kippur YOM
___ Muhammad, mentor to Malcolm X ELIJAH
___ port USB