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New York Times – Aug 6 2018

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Clues Answers
‘… ___ the twain shall meet’ NEER
‘Almost finished!’ ONETOGO
‘Game of Thrones’ actress Headey LENA
‘Let’s take it from the ___’ TOP
‘So that’s your game!’ AHA
‘The Magic Flute,’ for one OPERA
‘Watch your ___!’ STEP
‘___ Hope’ (soap opera) RYANS
A+ or C- GRADE
Actor/director Eastwood CLINT
Alternatives in case things don’t work out PLANBS
Anaconda, e.g SNAKE
Armor flaw CHINK
Bear’s home DEN
Bill’s ‘excellent adventure’ partner TED
Boo-boos SLIPUPS
Bugs Bunny or Wile E. Coyote TOON
Bump on a log, literally NODE
Calligrapher’s collection PENS
Clean Air Act org EPA
Comparable (to) AKIN
Competed in a marathon RAN
Computer glitch BUG
Creative thoughts IDEAS
Cubes in a freezer ICE
Cushioned footstool OTTOMAN
Decade that spawned the slogan found at the starts of 19-, 31-, 40- and 51-Across 60S
Door fastener LATCH
Dustin Hoffman’s role in ‘Midnight Cowboy’ RATSO
Electrical unit OHM
English rocker Hitchcock ROBYN
Fred Mertz’s wife in 1950s TV ETHEL
Frequently, to Frost OFT
Give a hard time HASSLE
Hamilton’s bills TENS
Hammer’s end PEEN
High trains in Chicago ELS
Clues Answers
Hush-hush grp NSA
Impersonators APERS
It can get you into a lather SHAMPOO
Kind of exam that’s not written ORAL
L.B.J. campaign to help the poor WARONPOVERTY
Less fortunate NOTSOLUCKY
Like a diet that allows only fats and protein 0CARB
Like some Greek columns IONIC
Like some promises and gas tanks EMPTY
Lopsided wins ROMPS
Magical drink that gets someone smitten LOVEPOTION
Mess up ERR
Midrange golf club 6IRON
Muddy deposit SLUDGE
Open the door for LETIN
Overflows (with) TEEMS
Painstakingly sorts (through) SIFTS
Planet between Mercury and Earth VENUS
Posts, as a letter SENDS
President elected with the slogan ‘Yes we can’ OBAMA
Prevent from falling, perhaps PROPUP
Redding who sang ‘(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay’ OTIS
Seafood often served on a toothpick PRAWN
Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘I ___ Rock’ AMA
Ski jacket PARKA
Smoldering remains EMBERS
Splits in two CLEAVES
Swashbuckler’s weapon SWORD
The ‘O’ of O magazine OPRAH
Tykes TOTS
Typist’s stat, in brief WPM
Use shears SNIP
Velvet-voiced Mel TORME
Walk drunkenly STAGGER
What children should be, and not heard, they say SEEN
Wild shopping expedition SPREE
Word on a wine label CRU
___ Shriver, sister of J.F.K. and founder of the Special Olympics EUNICE