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New York Times – Aug 9 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РAug 9 2018 Thursday

Clues Answers
___-pitch SLO
1922-91 initials USSR
A patriarch of the Israelites ISAAC
Actualities TRUTHS
Auguries OMENS
Author of the line “It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” PUZO
Brink CUSP
British sausage BANGER
Camels, e.g., for short CIGS
Candymaker H. B. ___ REESE
Certain S O S FLARE
Common place for a car’s name, once HUBCAP
Consideration at the Pearly Gates SIN
Conspirator’s agreement IMIN
Detail, in brief SPEC
Diploma displayer, for short ALUM
Exterior SKIN
Extra inches FLAB
Fad teddy bear name of the 1980s RUXPIN
Fiddler on the reef? CRAB
Film treasure hunter Croft LARA
German article DER
Hard or soft menu item TACO
Haying tool SCYTHE
Holder of dozens upon dozens EGGCRATE
Hunchbacked film character IGOR
It might be set with candles MOOD
Jokester CUTUP
Kitt who played Catwoman EARTHA
Lacking SANS
Like signatures of William Shakespeare RARE
Live ARE
Loose change “collector” SOFA
Made you look! HAHA
Matt’s replacement on “Today” HODA
Meet stick BATON
Member of a Macedonia minority SERB
Metaphor for death in a Eugene O’Neill play ICEMAN
Name on both sides of the Equator AMERICA
News inits. since 1996 MSNBC
Night that “77 Sunset Strip” aired for most of its run: Abbr. FRI
On-demand flier AIRTAXI
Part of a pickup line? CAB
Pledge SWEAR
Popular game console XBOX
Prefix with -bar ISO
Provoke AROUSE
Q: “Can I write both a poem and an essay?” A: “___” NORHYMEORREASON
Q: “Is that snack bar known for good burgers?” A: “___” NOGREATSHAKES
Q: “Should you call that stopover between Liverpool and Belfast a peninsula?” A: “___” NOMANISANISLAND
Retreat EBB
Rush-rush ASAP
S O S, basically PLEA
Sea sucker REMORA
Skill on display in the “Kill Bill” movies KUNGFU
Small relative of an elephant bird KIWI
Some inning enders, in brief DPS
Something drawn when landing on a yellow square in Pictionary NOUN
Sounds of surrender SIGHS
Steak coating RUB
Sultans and sheiks, usually ARABS
Swiss money FRANCS
Synopsis RECAP
Tight hold BEARHUG
Topple UPEND
Tour de France high point ALP
Tracy Marrow’s stage name ICET
Van ___ GOGH
Verb ending in old verse ETH
What Alabama cheerleaders often request? ANA
Whipped LASHED
Wimple wearer NUN
World Heritage Site grp. UNESCO
Yearned (for) LONGED