New York Times Crossword Answers – Jul 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘Absolutely!,’ to Alejandro SISI
‘Darth Vader is Luke’s father,’ e.g SPOILER
‘Do I ___!’ EVER
‘How uncool!’ SOLAME
‘It’s all good’ NOTABIGDEAL
‘Jeez, you should keep that private’ TMI
‘Phooey!’ BAH
‘Pick me! Pick me!’ IWANNA
‘r u 4 real?’ SRSLY
‘Vette option TTOP
‘Watch it!’ HEY
‘Yeah, it makes sense’ ICANSEETHAT
‘Yer darn ___!’ TOOTIN
‘You agree?’ THINKSO
‘You betcha!’ UHHUH
‘___ Is Us’ (65-Down drama) THIS
1040 reviewer, for short CPA
A little SOME
Annoy, in a way GRATEON
Another name for a porpoise or dolphin SEAPIG
Asian berry marketed as a ‘superfood’ GOJI
Attention getters AHEMS
Ball of yarn and others CATTOYS
Began a PC session LOGCABIN
Big character? BLOCKBUSTER
Big part of an orchestra STRINGS
Big piece of cake SLAB
Bit of office greenery POTTEDPLANT
Bottle for a beachgoer STRUCKOIL
Bout result, in brief TKO
Braided floor covering ROPERUG
Burrow LAIR
Buzzed RANG
Capital of Okinawa NAHA
Caught congers EELED
Certain domain suffix DOTNET
Certain Spanish murals SERTS
Chew (on) GNAW
Confession inducers TRUTHSERA
David ___, C.I.A. director under Obama PETRAEUS
Dead end sign NOOUTLET
Dis-banded? SOLO
Doesn’t bother LEAVESBE
Dog’s warning GRR
Donations to certain clinics OVA
Elapse, as years ROLLBY
Election that’s too close to call TIGHTRACE
Endure BIDE
Enjoy consistent, favorable luck, in poker lingo RUNGOOD
Fix, as a mess of wires UNTANGLE
Flowery poem ODE
Future exec, maybe MBA
General’s assistant: Abbr ADC
Get all blubbery SOB
Get down BOOGIE
Go as far down as STOOPTO
Go on a drinking spree, in slang GETLIT
Goal for many a H.S. dropout GED
Green surroundings? TRAPS
Guido ___, painter of the ‘Crucifixion of St. Peter’ RENI
Had a leading role? USHERED
Had too much, for short ODED
Happenin’ place WHEREITSAT
Help grow NURTURE
Humerus connection ULNA
Hurried along RACED
Ipecac, e.g EMETIC
Clues Answers
It may bring a tear to one’s eye DUCT
It’s left on a highway … or a path used by five answers in this puzzle? PASSINGLANE
It’s under helium in the periodic table NEON
Jared of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ LETO
Kennedy Library architect PEI
Kind of state ZEN
Kind of yoga HATHA
Like a game with equal winners and losers ZEROSUM
Like many clowns and beachside houses ONSTILTS
Lily Potter’s maiden name in the Harry Potter books EVANS
Lions and tigers BIGCATS
List ender: Abbr ETAL
Longtime CBS police procedural NCIS
Match makers? SETS
Metaphorical time in hell COLDDAY
Nerd’s epithet for the president? ANAGRAM
News commentator Navarro ANA
Nickname for a devil TAZ
Norm: Abbr STD
Not using sensitive language, say UNPC
Not wait till evening to crack a bottle DAYDRINK
Nota ___ BENE
Nuggets in ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack’ SAWS
Old Testament land CANAAN
One who ‘went a-courtin’,’ in a children’s song FROGGY
Openly gay OUT
Pantry item JAR
Partner of shock AWE
Peachy AOK
Played for a fool USED
Possess, as thou might HAST
Quite a bash, in slang PARTAY
Rapper ___ Azalea IGGY
Relating to gaps LACUNAR
Sam of Watergate hearings ERVIN
See 64-Down NBCTV
Seize GRAB
Semester’s end FINALS
Seminary study: Abbr REL
Senectitude OLDAGE
Shade of green LIME
Show with Kate McKinnon, for short SNL
Sidestep AVOID
Singer Garfunkel ART
Sort of rooftop unit, familiarly HVAC
Story line ARC
Strong desire URGE
Subject of a 2001-02 scandal ENRON
Take as a bride WIVE
Telly pitch ADVERT
Tidbit with rice in Creole cuisine REDBEAN
Took a breather SAT
Tool for undoing stitches SEAMRIPPER
Total mess FIASCO
Trying to show no signs of life PLAYINGCARD
Voodoo, e.g DARKART
Was forced to turn down an invitation HAVANANS
What many runners do before a marathon CARBOLOAD
Where coal miners work PITS
Wrecks, as chances TORPEDOES
___ about (approximately) ONOR
___ diagram VENN
___ News FOX
___ Reader UTNE

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