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New York Times – February 11 2019 Monday

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Clues Answers
‘Chill out!’ CALMDOWN
‘Crossing my fingers!’ IHOPE
‘Look how great I did!’ TADA
‘Star Wars’ princess LEIA
‘Still …’ ANDYET
‘The Times They Are a-Changin” singer DYLAN
‘What a shame’ SOSAD
2001 Tom Cruise thriller VANILLASKY
African antelope ELAND
Amy Adams or Emma Stone, hairwise STRAWBERRYBLONDE
Beginning of the universe BIGBANG
Closes SHUTS
College entrance exams SATS
Connected PC system LAN
Days of ___ YORE
Diamond pattern ARGYLE
Director Spike LEE
Earl ___ tea GREY
Egg-shaped OVAL
Enticed LEDON
Floating fuel carrier OILER
Flowy hair MANE
French female friend AMIE
Friendly response to ‘Do you mind?’ NOTATALL
Funny (or sarcastic) joke response HAHA
Group that inspired ‘Mamma Mia!’ ABBA
Has a nosh EATS
Heaps ATON
Hertz rival AVIS
It may include the words ‘You are here’ MAP
James who sang ‘At Last’ ETTA
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Japanese noodle type UDON
Keep it ___ (be honest) REAL
Kill, as a dragon SLAY
Kind of ice cream suggested by the starts of 21-, 27- and 47-Across NEAPOLITAN
Large inlets BAYS
Largest city in South Florida MIAMI
Leave out OMIT
Like the voice of someone who’s stuffed up NASAL
Made the sound of a crow CAWED
Makeshift knife SHIV
Maneuver upon missing a GPS instruction UTURN
Maya who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial LIN
Mr. Pibb or Dr Pepper SODA
Nickname MONIKER
Nickname for former N.B.A. star Darryl Dawkins CHOCOLATETHUNDER
Nickname for grandma NANA
Ocean motion TIDE
Off in the distance FARAWAY
One with a debt OWER
Opera singer Fleming RENEE
Pacific weather phenomenon ELNINO
Patron for sailors STELMO
Pudding ingredient TAPIOCA
Race official TIMER
Rapper ___ Wayne LIL
Ready to assemble, as a home PREFAB
Rear-___ (auto accident) ENDER
Reef predator EEL
Sheep-related OVINE
Shenanigan ANTIC
Sits for a photo POSES
Some rides from the airport, nowadays UBERS
Sound from a ghost MOAN
Squiggly mark in ‘piƱata’ TILDE
Suffix with different or confident IAL
Swear AVOW
Symbol on a valentine HEART
Take out of the freezer THAW
The first modern one was held in Athens in 1896 OLYMPICS
Unfortunate crowd reaction to a performer BOO
Venue often named for its sponsor ARENA
Video excerpts CLIPS
Went after HADAT
Where the first presidential caucuses are held IOWA
[Guests must provide their drinks] BYOB
[I don’t know the words to this part] LALALA
___ Road, route for Marco Polo SILK