New York Times, Friday, April 1, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ again … YET
___ interface USER
___ Raducanu, 2021 U.S. Open winner EMMA
___ Ren of “The Force Awakens” KYLO
A head EACH
Ad Council output, for short PSAS
American ___ (Neil Gaiman novel that won the Hugo and Nebula) GODS
Authority SAYSO
Bathroom cabinet item MOUTHWASH
Behind LATE
Biblical land near the kingdoms of Judah and Moab EDOM
Big 12 sch. ISU
Brain freeze cause SLURPEE
Brown. follower EDU
Citizenship test taker, perhaps EMIGRE
Closing activity SALE
Code inits. HTML
Command after mistakenly pressing Ctrl+Z REDO
Cry of contempt BAH
Damage HARM
Drove ARMY
E.R. staffers RNS
Eat at ERODE
Emmy winner Aduba UZO
Encumbrance ONUS
Event with Easter eggs HUNT
Federation formed in 1922, for short USSR
Fertile spots OASES
First man, in Maori mythology TIKI
Fit for a big write-up, say NEWSWORTHY
Get more 45-Down RENEW
Get put away GOTOPRISON
Gets ready, as a cue stick CHALKS
Grp. that advertised in “The Book of Mormon” playbills, surprisingly LDS
Headliner of the first Warner Bros. short to win an Oscar TWEETY
Holiday cookie shape STAR
How some pet food is sold INACAN
How you might feel looking at the Northern Lights AWED
Illegally parked car, maybe TOWAWAY
It makes il mondo go ’round AMORE
It may be perfect for writing TENSE
It might help clear things up WINDOWCLEANER
I’ve got it! AHA
Japanese electronics brand AIWA
Job at a bank, say HEIST
K.C.-to-Detroit direction ENE
Kick hard BOOT
Lead to BEGET
Like many college film projects ARTY
Little rascal TYKE
Makes a small, plaintive sound MEWS
Masterwork completed in 1499 PIETA
More than flirt with HITON
Nickname that’s an alphabet trio STU
Nocturnal marsupial OPOSSUM
Ocular affliction STYE
Plant MOLE
Play matchmaker for SETUP
Potent marijuana KUSH
Product often advertising 99.99% effectiveness HANDSANITIZER
Right?! IKNOW
Sassy PERT
Scotch flavorer PEAT
See 43-Down ISSUES
Snack brand owned by PepsiCo LAYS
Some sources of vitamin C ADES
Sound filler SALTWATER
Spicy kind of seasoning CREOLE
Suffix with bull or bear ISH
Upper atmosphere ETHER
Vegas machine with the best odds? ATM
Where the cucumbers are not for eating SPA
Whiz PRO
Who might be asked for a donation, in brief ALUM
You might bid on it EBAY

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