New York Times, Friday, April 22, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ I do! (informal assent) DEED
___: Duets (2007 country album) REBA
2013 #1 album from Kanye West YEEZUS
After Kipling, the youngest-ever Literature Nobelist (1957, 44 years) CAMUS
Apply pressure to LEANON
As an exception FORONCE
Biblical figure with a large staff MOSES
Cheap trick, perhaps LIFEHACK
Civil disturbance UNREST
Cuts (down) PARES
Dealing directly (with) ONEONONE
Decreases? IRONS
Drawing method LOT
Eastern lodging IMARET
Features of some accents TWANGS
Features of some glasses STEMS
Food, water, a place to live, etc. BARENECESSITIES
Gotcha ROGER
Greek counterpart of Discordia ERIS
High school alternatives to the 11-Down SATS
Historically Germanic observances YULES
Holds up LASTS
Intended AIMED
Invoice info: Abbr. HRS
It ends after midnight in New York, with “The” LATESHOW
James Baldwin, e.g. ESSAYIST
Like speeders, often FINED
Main component of britannium TIN
Manhattan campus around Washington Sq. Park NYU
Modern “art” ARE
Multiheaded dog guarding the gates of the underworld, in myth CERBERUS
Name spelled with six dashes and six dots MORSE
North Atlantic island group FAROES
Offer to help ASKME
One born in the wrong generation, maybe OLDSOUL
Part of a pool GENE
Pepsi Max, e.g. DIETSODA
Prepared to propose, perhaps KNEELED
Recherche ARCANE
Regulation followers, for short OTS
Reverential PIOUS
Rivals of the 1980s “Showtime” Lakers, to fans CELTS
See 18-Down ACT
Soak up the sun, say PHOTOSYNTHESIZE
Spots for archaeologists DIGSITES
Stupid me! IMAMORON
Sushi variety NIGIRI
Sweeties HONS
They’re saved for a rainy day NESTEGGS
Track, say SONG
Wade in the Baseball Hall of Fame BOGGS
Walk in a leisurely way MOSEY
Wassup, my dude YODOG
What an aphrodisiac boosts LIBIDO
What I might be in a lab? IODINE
Where to set une couronne TETE
Where Wonder Woman first worked: Abbr. OSS
Who wrote “The poetry of earth is never dead” KEATS
Winter slopes activity TUBING
Word with shop, shot or shape BODY
Words of agreement SODOI
Works with 17 units HAIKUS
Young male chicken COCKEREL
You’re such a tease! OHSTOPIT

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