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New York Times, Friday, April 24, 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Better ___ …’ YET
‘Pow!’ BAM
1040 fig SSN
Actor Scott of ‘Happy Days’ BAIO
Actor Will of ‘The Waltons’ GEER
Actress Fisher ISLA
Actual wording TEXT
Apothegms ADAGES
Assets for QBs ARMS
Boll weevil, for one PEST
Carried the day WON
Castro comrade CHE
Center of a maze MINOTAUR
Certain bra spec BCUP
Certain spuds IDAHOS
Clearheaded ALLTHERE
Colonial rule in India BRITISHRAJ
Crimean War leader TSAR
Demesne ESTATE
Destructive 2017 hurricane IRMA
Fanta product GRAPESODA
Go around SKIRT
Haberdashery accessory TIETACK
Head honcho BOSS
Hebrew for ‘father’ ABBA
Historic destination in County Kerry, Ireland TRALEE
Homer with one R.B.I., in baseball lingo SOLOSHOT
How die-hard defenders may hold out TOTHELAST
Inscribed pillars STELAE
Island governed by three different countries BORNEO
Joe Hardy’s girlfriend in the Hardy Boys books IOLA
Kind of hickory SHAGBARK
Locale of the 2018 Winter Olympics KOREA
Name that’s an anagram of THE BAR BERTHA
One of the letters of NATO, in the NATO alphabet TANGO
Packed BUSY
Pippi Longstocking types TOMBOYS
Place with drips, for short ICU
Pointed out, in a way IDED
Prepares for the bar? OPENSATAB
Relative of a blind, in poker ANTE
Reuters competitor UPI
Round measures GIRTHS
Sarge, for one NCO
Sides of Pac-Man’s mouth, essentially RADII
Some trattoria preparations PESTOS
Swear at BEDAMN
That’s so irritating! RASH
The night before on the day after, maybe BLUR
They have little respect for brand names CATTLERUSTLERS
Things of interest to house buyers? HOMELOANS
Things that are declared MAJORS
Thou, for one ARCHAISM
Tree that’s among the oldest known life forms on earth (4,800+ years) BRISTLECONEPINE
Unit in a calculation of power OHM
Unwanted crowd sounds HISSES
Volcanic ___ ASH
What a person in trouble — or performing on stage — wants HAND
Whom basilicas are often named after: Abbr STS
Wings ELLS
Without hitting someone over the head, say SUBTLY
___ place (part of a decimal) TENTHS