New York Times, Friday, August 12, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ blanc VIN
___ noire BETE
___ salad EGG
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Basilica section NAVE
Brand of camera or lip balm EOS
Bronze from a bottle FAKETAN
Building toy brand KNEX
Camping danger BEAR
Clearly, you’d like me to leave that topic alone IWONTASK
Comfortable ATEASE
Common bug FLU
Confined PENT
Crooked ATILT
Crushed a test ACEDIT
Curl Up and ___ (punnily named hair salon) DYE
Cut off AXED
Digger’s harvest CLAMS
Drudge PEON
Election season news POLL
Fella BUB
Fictional weapon of the 23rd century PHASER
Former employer of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, for short WWE
Friends 4ever BESTIES
Gets the heck out of odgeday AMSCRAYS
Give updates on in real time, perhaps LIVETWEET
Got together METUP
Grounds BASIS
Grounds AREA
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Kind of bean that can be used to make falafel FAVA
Less is more, for one PARADOX
Less is more, for one MAXIM
Like loam and humus EARTHY
Make sense ADDUP
Maker of a jet-propelled pogo stick ACME
Making one’s bed, taking a shower and solving a crossword, say MORNINGRITUAL
Means of communication with Commissioner Gordon BATPHONE
Mere placeholders TOKENS
Messenger for the gods in the “Iliad” IRIS
More, on a score PIU
Naval destroyer, in old slang TINCAN
No cock-a-doodle-doo-ers HENS
Outer: Prefix ECT
Pamphlet TRACT
Part of New England: Abbr. CONN
Poor excuse for a student THEDOGATEIT
Position in an array, to a computer scientist INDEX
Purges RIDS
Quad-strengthening exercise move LUNGE
Quick study? CRAM
Radisson competitor HYATT
Response to someone who got the answer instantly YOUNAILEDIT
Site that offers vehicle history reports CARFAX
Some frigid temps TEENS
Some unmentionables TABOOS
SoulCycle offering SPINCLASS
Study DEN
Summer program in Huntsville, Ala. SPACECAMP
Suppress SITON
Tea of CBS’s “Madam Secretary” LEONI
The Bengals, on scoreboards CIN
Trumpeter Wynton MARSALIS
You might bend over backward for it YOGA
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown song THEDOCTORISIN

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