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New York Times, Friday, August 13, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘Did you really just say that?’ WAITWHAT
‘I ___ saw true beauty till this night’: Romeo NEER
‘My ___!’ HERO
Active ingredient in marijuana, for short THC
Artist behind the best-selling album of the 21st century (30+ million units) ADELE
Baller, in old lingo CAGER
Bay ___ (certain horse) ROAN
Bidding considerations ASKS
Bikini, e.g TESTSITE
Bit of metal texturing KNURL
Blocks DAMS
Brand with the flavors Grabbin’ Grape and Blazin’ Blueberry HIC
Breakout performance STARTURN
Brooks of ‘Spaceballs’ MEL
Camp show grp USO
Cardi B’s ‘___ Bad’ SHE
Choler IRE
Close SHUT
Close-to-the-ground sports feat SHOESTRINGCATCH
Do in the evening SOIREE
End up choosing SETTLEON
Even more, perhaps THIRDS
Father of Hecate PERSES
Follower of twenty- or thirty- ODD
Handsome guy ADONIS
Hardly a cheapskate BIGSPENDER
Insight offerer HONDA
It’s ‘rarely pure and never simple,’ Oscar Wilde once wrote TRUTH
Kung ___ PAO
Lead-in to core or fest NERD
Midwest city that shares its name with a suburb of Phoenix PEORIA
Mocking response to whining OHBOOHOO
Natural material used for fuel BIOMASS
Neighbor of a Malay THAI
One way to take a stand, ironically? SITIN
Org. behind the Carl Sagan Center SETI
Person who is willfully alone? SOLEHEIR
Philanderer ROUE
Pioneering Ford auto MODELA
Plants SOWS
Pseudonymous children’s author Hunter ERIN
Put down, in a way NOTE
Put down, in a way ROAST
Refute BELIE
Revolutionary inventions in the cooking world? ROTISSERIEOVENS
Rich source LODE
See 14-Down MAP
Serves the purpose of ACTSAS
Setting in Marvel Comics ASGARD
Some diner orders HASHES
Something carbon monoxide lacks ODOR
Speeds HIES
Study of touch, as with smartphone screens HAPTICS
Target of some trimming HEDGE
That’s a wrap! SARAN
The ‘A’ of A.D.L ANTI
They might claim that things are fixed SORELOSERS
Ticket line? ADMITONE
Title of hits by Garth Brooks and Lil Nas X RODEO
Track #1 on the Beatles compilation album ‘1’ LOVEMEDO
Traffic directors? CONES
When Harry first shared a ride with Sally, e.g MEETCUTE
Where majors have majors, in brief? ROTC
Wind with a three-octave range OBOE
With 55-Down, oceanographer’s aid SEA
[Thinking …] UHH
___ much ABIT