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New York Times, Friday, August 14, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A Hunger Artist’ writer KAFKA
‘Be polite!,’ in a way DONTSTARE
‘Enough already!’ STOPTHAT
‘Eww!’ UGH
‘Gymnopédies’ composer SATIE
‘Heyo’ SUP
‘So Sick’ hitmaker of 2006 NEYO
‘Wheel of Fortune’ spin on either side of ‘ONE MILLION’ BANKRUPT
‘Who ___ you?’ ASKED
Agenda for a vet visit, maybe SHOTS
Alternative to a 2-Down, today GPS
Be just behind TAIL
Bizarre OUTRE
Cat pose and crane pose, e.g ASANAS
Caught SAW
Chicago Auto Show debut of 1989 MIATA
Chilling EERIE
Choices for Negroni cocktails GINS
Coffee order similar to a latte FLATWHITE
Comic McKinnon KATE
Continues doggedly, with ‘on’ SOLDIERS
Cream quantity DAB
Do something wrong SIN
Dominated BOSSED
Emilia vis-à-vis Desdemona, in ‘Othello’ ATTENDANT
Fancy serving platter at a sushi restaurant BOAT
Fate LOT
Final act SWANSONG
Former U.S. poet laureate Dove RITA
French term of endearment that literally means ‘cabbage’ CHOU
From scratch ANEW
Get ready to battle in court LAWYERUP
Green lights in D.C YEAS
Having one on the way, slangily PREGGO
Headed BOUND
His sister, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, was the first female president of the U.N. General Assembly NEHRU
Hit after hit for a rock band? DRUMBEAT
It takes years and years to complete LIFESWORK
Kind of verb in grammar MODAL
Loses one’s temper ERUPTS
Modern-day home of the Ashanti empire GHANA
Mushroom eaten in ramen ENOKI
Not just suggest ASSERT
Noted work in which many different positions are discussed KAMASUTRA
One for the road? ATLAS
One singer of ‘Dear Theodosia’ in ‘Hamilton’ BURR
Opposite of bottled TAP
Other ___ THAN
Picked up SENSED
Serve as an agent (for) REP
Sets, as a security system ARMS
Some might be sculpted, informally BODS
Some wet weather attire GALOSHES
Something to raise a glass for ALE
Spiritual force CHI
Student financial aid option PELLGRANT
Teen spirit, perhaps ANGST
Thelma and Louise, e.g DUO
Title lyric before ‘ba-doop’ in a 1993 Salt-N-Pepa hit SHOOP
Toast, with ‘a’ GONER
Up to one’s old tricks ATITAGAIN
Upper-level security clearance status TOPSECRET
Word before god or devil SEA
Words with friends on one’s phone, say GROUPCHAT
You might sleep on it SERTA
___ Oaks, neighborhood in eastern Queens GLEN
___ page OPED