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New York Times, Friday, August 20, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Saving Private Ryan’ or ‘Apocalypse Now’ WAREPIC
16-Across squared NINE
A’s, but not B’s or C’s TEAM
Apt surname for a librarian READE
Aunt in ‘Oklahoma!’ ELLER
Big box store that sells boxes STAPLES
Blood clots THROMBI
Border county of New York or Pennsylvania TIOGA
Catalyzed, with ‘up’ SPED
Certain textile workers DYERS
City at one end of Lake Pontchartrain, for short NOLA
Compliment to an outfielder NICECATCH
Controls TAMES
Covers with chimney grime SOOTS
Cowboys’ headgear HELMETS
Cubby hole? DEN
Descriptor for most scarves, but not gloves ONESIZE
Dramatic beginning ACTI
Ear-related prefix OTO
Everyone’s talking about them HOTTOPICS
Excel command SORT
Executive check VETOPOWER
French film festival fare ARTCINE
Gets through PENETRATES
Gets word HEARS
Half of hexadeca- OCTA
Hallucinate SEETHINGS
Hope at the Oscars, e.g HOST
Joe Louis in Detroit, for one ARENA
Kind of infection STAPH
Kowtowed (to) TOADIEDUP
Like best friends TRUEST
Log time YULE
Martin who directed ‘Norma Rae’ RITT
Maybe too alert WIRED
More widespread RIFER
Natalie of ‘Today’ MORALES
Off the market NOTFORSALE
Passing stat: Abbr ATT
Patronizing types CLIENTELE
Provider of inside info? CTscanner
Question of humanity that has never been answered AREWEALONE
Ravel’s ‘Gaspard de la ___’ NUIT
Ref. work that took more than 70 years to complete OED
Rick Ross, Roddy Ricch and Rakim RAPPERS
Routine part of a routine STALEJOKE
Salad veggie CUKE
See 22-Across THREE
Short accompanying article SIDEBAR
Short, for short LIL
Sickens with sweetness CLOYS
Singing and dancing, say TALENTS
Snacks for squirrels NUTLETS
Sticky sandwich, for short PBJ
Superhero misidentification ITSAPLANE
Surname of father-and-son N.B.A. coaches Paul and Stephen SILAS
Syndicate, in a way REAIR
They can be Sapphic ODES
Took control of HARNESSED
Travel item for bookworms EREADER
Water color OCEANBLUE
Who said ‘The greatest victory is that which requires no battle’ SUNTZU
Words before ‘New York’ and ‘Paris,’ in song titles ILOVE
___ for life SCAR