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New York Times, Friday, August 28, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Fa la la la la, la la la la,’ e.g REFRAIN
‘Here’s where I am’ THATSME
‘___ Quiet Uptown’ (song from ‘Hamilton’) ITS
A play to one’s emotions SOBSTORY
Acknowledge, in a way NODTO
Animated feature Oscar winner after ‘Zootopia’ COCO
Appearing highly embarrassed BEETRED
Article of faith TENET
Auto roof options TTOPS
Awkward thing to witness while third-wheeling, in brief PDA
Band boosters, perhaps PTAS
Bedouin, say ARABIAN
Bit of ink TAT
Business plan that’s likely to collapse PYRAMIDSCHEME
Camera film speed inits ISO
Certain address starter HTTP
Challenge for a barber MOP
Coates who wrote ‘Between the World and Me’ TANEHISI
Component of the pill ESTROGEN
Creamier alternative to a cold brew ICEDLATTE
Cruel countenance SNEER
Dish that might be garnished with nori or negi RAMEN
E.U. member since 1973 IRE
Fastest creature on two legs (up to 45 m.p.h.) OSTRICH
First #1 hit for the Spice Girls WANNABE
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Gaelic name for Scotland ALBA
Genre of the ‘Serial’ podcast TRUECRIME
Get on board? SURF
Go for the bronze? SUN
High scores BESTS
Honest-to-goodness ACTUAL
Inside dope SKINNY
It’s on-again, off-again SWITCH
Join in space DOCK
Kind of therapy GENE
Lead-in to government or body ANTI
Lets have it YELLSAT
Like Sartre’s ‘No Exit’ ONEACT
Locale with a vaulted roof APSE
Lymphoid lump TONSIL
Make final improvements to POLISHUP
Marcel Marceau character BIP
One might be left in the dust SHOEPRINT
One using an exercise wheel, maybe PETRAT
Opposite of stet OMIT
Oscine : songbird :: psittacine : ___ PARROT
Pearly whites that aren’t white GOLDTEETH
Persians, e.g RUGS
Plot point in a rom-com MEETCUTE
Professional pitcher SALESREP
Rebound RALLY
Secret admirer of Lily Potter in the Harry Potter universe SNAPE
Sleep on it COT
Smooth writing implement GELPEN
Some like it hopped ALE
Sonata alternative ELANTRA
Subject of a station update, for short ETA
Theme park conveyance TRAM
Two people in People, maybe ITEM
Villainous title in science fiction DARTH
Water from a water fountain SPURT
Word repeated before ‘1, 2, 3’ TEST
[C’mon, the light turned green!] TOOT
___ Bar (protein snack) LUNA
___ Bo TAE