New York Times, Friday, August 5, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Burke, sportscaster and N.B.A. analyst DORIS
___ Mob, hip-hop collective from N.Y.C. ASAP
___ polymerase RNA
___-ready OVEN
A bird, food or person KIWI
A Black Lady Sketch Show network HBO
Activity with intense, fast-paced posing POWERYOGA
Alaska has the highest one in the U.S.: Abbr. LAT
Benefit AVAIL
Blues guitarist Baker ETTA
Canceled NOGO
Church address, for short REV
Cloud often seen in the summer GNATS
Coin collectors? SLOTS
Comp. ___ (univ. major) SCI
Compilation for admiration ODES
Compress hard SMUSH
Eats outside, perhaps STREETFOOD
Ending with play or plate LET
Farm unit BALE
Female swan PEN
Fierce, hard-to-control sort TIGER
Fracas MELEE
Free, in a way UNTIE
French word that becomes its own opposite by changing the first letter to V NOTRE
Frequently flooded area FEN
Get down SADDEN
Goof ERR
Hair highlighting technique BALAYAGE
Hesitate (at) BALK
Item in a husk OAT
Item often wrapped after it’s purchased SHAWL
Little bits IOTAS
Make a lead balloon? RACEAHEAD
Make out, in Manchester SNOG
More cover than usual … or what a 20-Across might offer? HEAVYSECURITY
Musical group ALTOS
Name that anagrams to something you might smoke CRAIG
Not admitting DENYING
Office binder? REDTAPE
One in a line outside a store CART
One might offer a sweet message CANDYHEART
One way to be tried INABSENTIA
Parasite co-star ___ Jung-eun LEE
Pounds on keyboards? HASHTAGS
Realm in “Frozen” ARENDELLE
Round holiday fare LATKE
Round holiday fare PIES
Sleep aid said to reduce anxiety WEIGHTEDBLANKET
Some cowboy wear CHAPS
Some leporids HARES
Some nobility DAMES
Sounds of some pauses ERS
Staggered breathing? GASPS
Style points? STILETTOS
Subject of the 2021 historical film “Spencer” DIANA
Tempers SNITS
The Kitchen God’s Wife novelist, 1991 TAN
They might be standing or marching ORDERS
They’re often paired with nuts BOLTS
‘Tis but ___ name that is my enemy: Juliet THY
Top-notch ACES
Traditional application for a Hindu wedding HENNA
Unruly head of hair MOP
Vague response for an E.T.A. SOON
Vicar in “Emma” ELTON
What’s the matter? ATOM
Wheel, so to speak HELM
Word is … THEYSAY

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