New York Times, Friday, August 6, 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
___ has poor memory: Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez SHAME
___ money SEED
1970s-’80s sitcom station WKRP
Alex and ___ (jewelry chain) ANI
Badly chafe RUBRAW
Branch of agriculture pertinent to dairy farmers and cattle ranchers ANIMALHUSBANDRY
Charlotte ___, capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands AMALIE
Completely bought ATEUP
Culture medium AGAR
Currency of Laos KIP
Dice, for instance CUBES
Director Cameron CROWE
Element next to iron on the periodic table MANGANESE
Exceedingly obtuse ASTHICKASABRICK
Fathers SIRES
Fathers, abroad PERES
Feature of Herman on “The Simpsons” ONEARM
Fertile soils LOAMS
Fictional operator of the Discovery One spaceship HAL
Foes of the Romans CELTS
Foil alternative, in Fulham SABRE
Fruit used to flavor the liqueur patxaran SLOE
Go over REHASH
Got ready for a photo, say SMILED
Gracious!, informally LAWDY
Half-___ (latte order) CAF
Heavens to Murgatroyd! EGADS
Hits the jackpot, say GETSRICH
I was ___! HAD
Invigorating CRISP
Judean king HEROD
Juice bar ingredient ACAIBERRY
Just deserts DUE
Kerfuffle FLAP
Lead-in to night or day MID
Like a large garage or small pileup THREECAR
Lisa of “A Different World” BONET
Lobster catcher? BIB
Longtime N.B.A. head coach Nate MCMILLAN
Marching band instruments FIFES
Moon of Saturn TETHYS
Most highly prized collectible coins RARES
Old Hollywood actress born in Austria-Hungary LAMARR
Pain to a pediatrician? IMP
Partner of all ANY
Poster impostor? BOT
Psychoanalyst Fromm ERICH
Put on the line, say DRY
Response from Siri HERESWHATIFOUND
See 9-Down OUT
So-called “Father of the Italian Language” DANTE
Something you might throw in frustration FIT
Source of ruin BANE
Stirrups, e.g. BONES
Sylvia of jazz SYMS
The end of time? OCLOCK
Things sometimes named after queens ERAS
Threat that’s hard to take seriously IMEANITTHISTIME
Title rock lyric before “I’m gonna find ya / I’m gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya” ONEWAYORANOTHER
Tries, in a way SIPS
Trifling amount OUNCE
Trifling amounts SHREDS
Trig function COS
Well, aren’t you so darn special! LAHDIFRICKINDAH
What “n” might mean AND
When repeated, name in 1968 news SIRHAN
With 10-Down, miss the boat LOSE
Woman’s name that becomes a different woman’s name when its third and fourth letters are switched ELSIE

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