New York Times, Friday, July 29, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Hall, former “Today” host with a self-titled daytime talk show TAMRON
1/8 oz. DRAM
Acoustic flourishes during a comic’s setS RIMSHOTS
Area around the mouth DELTA
Blows wildly RAGES
Breakout company of the 1970s ATARI
Bun holder NET
Candy brand with autumn-colored packaging REESES
Cards, say IDS
Cheerio! TATA
Coffer, e.g. CHEST
Comment upon calling back ITSMEAGAIN
Cries during a match OLES
Cry after pulling a prank APRILFOOLS
Daytime TV catchphrase COMEONDOWN
Dishes served in the final scene of “Titus Andronicus” PIES
Dutch for “farmer” BOER
Employment history CAREER
Eric ___, author of “The Very Lonely Firefly” CARLE
Falafel shop stock PITAS
Feudal underling SERF
First Hebrew prophet to have a biblical book named for him AMOS
French liqueur flavoring ANIS
Fun times between the sheets? TOGAPARTIES
God often represented as a beautiful winged youth EROS
Hall of fame collaborator? OATES
Impression IDEA
Isle along the Sound of Sleat SKYE
It looks better with curls BICEP
It’s written as a vertical line bisecting a circle PHI
Judged to be SEENAS
Land between the Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez SINAI
Lead-in to a street name, perhaps AKA
Legends LORE
Liquid weapon, or a solid one MACE
M.L.B. all-time leader in grand slams (25), informally AROD
Ma Belle ___ (1970 #5 hit) AMIE
Machete-like knife BOLO
Man found within state lines? ELI
Motley skill set BAGOFTRICKS
Not forward AFT
One of two HALF
One who helps out briefly? ASST
Org. with trust issues? FTC
Pics on pecs, say TATS
Prohibition of Leviticus 11 PORK
Red herring, for one PLOTDEVICE
Remark from one who gets a round DRINKSAREONME
Retirement plan, informally ROTH
Rogers of old westerns ROY
Secret indication PSST
Sole proprietors? SHOESTORES
Something can’t be neat if you add this ICE
Sound of an unsuccessful attempt at stone skimming PLOP
Stack at a T.S.A. checkpoint BINS
Still not done in the dryer, say DAMP
Takes a turn, in a way ROLLS
They’re broken just for fun PINATAS
Tooth driller’s deg. DDS
Uno alternative SBARRO
Unpopular worker SCAB
Well, my comment sure sounds dumb now … ISPOKETOOSOON
What 7-Down is pig Latin for BEE
What often has Fox, but not FX BASICCABLE
Where a town in Wyoming was once sold (for $900,000) EBAY
World’s busiest airport: Abbr. ATL
Wraps up ENCASES
Xenomorph, more familiarly ALIEN
You must be dreaming NOWAY

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