New York Times, Friday, June 10, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ matter DOESNT
After beginning? POST
Apple ___ INC
B preceder ORAL
Bad things for a lecturer to hear SNORES
Birthplace of the Black Panther Party OAKLAND
Blogroll assortment SITES
Butcher shop choices LOINS
Buttonhole ACCOST
Common condiment with fajitas PICODEGALLO
Dia de los ___ (Spanish holiday) REYES
Finger BLAME
Foul ball’s place, maybe STANDS
Fresh start NEWDAY
Get out of here! GOHOME
Gets a late start? SLEEPSIN
Guaranteed success SUREFIREHIT
Harmonizes SYNCS
Home of the continental U.S.’s geographic center KANSAS
Hypothesized SAID
I, ___, Shakespeare-inspired novel written from the villain’s perspective IAGO
Just get (by) EKE
Key partner? PEELE
Like Gen-Z fans of classic rock, say BORNTOOLATE
Like some rum SPICED
Painter’s protectors DROPCLOTHS
Parisian sweets? CHERIE
Parts of many breakfast buffets OMELETBARS
Pick for pics, in brief SLR
Pretense GUISE
Puzzling start? ACROSS
Quaint confirmation TIS
Question asked by a surprise caller GUESSWHO
Ride, in a way NAG
Road runner? ENGINE
Roll BUN
Root vegetable with stringy stalks CELERIAC
Rudely interrupting BARGINGINON
Scientist for whom a part of the brain is named BROCA
Show of authority, metaphorically TEETH
Skimpy SCANT
Some customer service agents nowadays CHATBOTS
Some sneaks NIKES
Something past or present PARTICIPLE
Sounds good, but … huh-uh YEAHNO
Support against collapse, with “up” SHORE
Swenson of “Benson” INGA
That’s a good one! OOH
The Rolling Stones’ “___ a Rainbow” SHES
There’s no wrong way to eat a ___ (classic tagline) REESES
Things often controlled with remotes GARAGEDOORS
Try to persuade through lies SHINEON
Vintage, e.g. YEAR
W.W. II Dambusters grp. RAF
What someone with anosmia cannot detect ODOR
Where catalysts produce reactions, informally CHEMLAB

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