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New York Times, Friday, May 1, 2020 Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Good going!’ NICELYDONE
‘Great taste since 1905’ sloganeer RCCOLA
‘I forgot what I’m supposed to say here!’ LINE
‘The Last Don’ author PUZO
‘The proper task of life,’ per Nietzsche ART
16th-century pope who owned a pet elephant LEOX
1898 chemistry discovery RADIUM
1968 swimming gold medalist Debbie MEYER
Accelerate REV
Accented cheers OLES
Air show highlights LOOPS
Avoid taking unnecessary risks PLAYITSAFE
Basic cleaner LYE
Bit of hardware NUT
Boil over RAGE
Brand on the Alaska Highway ESSO
Cause of an explosion IRE
Celebrate with sprightly dancing DOAJIG
Chess maneuver with a French name ENPASSANT
City north of Baghdad MOSUL
Closing number of a musical, often REPRISE
Co. behind the podcast ‘The Daily’ NYT
Cocktail often garnished with a lemon twist GINSLING
Depths of despair NADIR
Down-to-earth type? ALIEN
Ends weakly FIZZLESOUT
Engine stats RPMS
Eponym in a candy store REESE
Execrate DAMN
Face-off DUEL
Faith that preaches nonviolence to all living creatures JAINISM
First name at Woodstock RAVI
French menu word JUS
Fretful thing to be in STEW
Fruitless VAIN
George who composed ‘Give My Regards to Broadway’ COHAN
Give a powerful impression of OOZE
Hairless creature in a nursery rhyme FUZZYWUZZY
Half brother of Tom Sawyer SID
Herb often used with potatoes DILL
Hindu festival of colors HOLI
Home to Bactrian camels GOBI
Israeli port mentioned in the Bible JAFFA
It always goes to hell RIVERSTYX
Massive explosion NOVA
Math subj PRECALC
Members of the lute family UKULELES
More than impressed INAWE
Only three-letter word in Scrabble that requires both blank tiles ZZZ
Palm that produces berries ACAI
Parts of a Facebook feed ADS
Paul McCartney wrote one about Liverpool ORATORIO
Red-cased import EDAM
Show promise BODEWELL
Squeak (by) EKE
Strategy game with disks REVERSI
Study for the bar? OENOLOGY
Turned up ONEND
Turns down LOWERS
Venerable AGED
Where Harley-Davidson is HOG NYSE
___ Henry Hoover, former first lady LOU
___ horse IRON
___ Lovelace, computing pioneer who was the daughter of Lord Byron ADA