New York Times, Friday, May 13, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Abbr. in skin care SPF
Actress Sink of “Stranger Things” SADIE
Alongside WITH
Are in store AWAIT
Bad side CONS
Be superinfatuated with someone CRUSHHARD
Billboard magazine feature CHART
Blue book alternative ADULTSITE
Body with a floor SEA
Bygone OLDEN
Card display? STL
Children in Vienna KINDER
Claws channel TNT
Coronation, e.g. RITE
Costume that might start with a cardboard box ROBOT
Country whose official languages are French and Arabic CHAD
Creatures with asymmetrical ears for accuracy in hunting OWLS
Data head? CIO
Destiny’s Child’s “___ My Name” SAY
Didn’t come through as promised, in slang FLAKED
Drummed-up measures? RHYTHMS
Experienced FELT
Extension ___ CORD
Facts-as-fiction work ROMANACLEF
Fills with fluff PADS
Garden too RAKE
Given (to) WONT
Given a number, maybe RATED
Group with the 2020 #1 album “Be” BTS
Hoist, redundantly LIFTUP
Jazz great Laine CLEO
Join the club! ARENTWEALL
Like hair at salons STYLED
Liu of “Why Women Kill” LUCY
Make a big stink RAISEHELL
Makes very uncomfortable, informally WEIRDSOUT
More sententious PREACHIER
Newmark with an eponymous list CRAIG
Not be serious KID
One may be floated or rough IDEA
One might be chosen for its perspective SEAT
One way to avoid a lecture PLAYHOOKY
Oozing smarm SLIMY
Orchestral instrument that doesn’t make a sound BATON
Pass (out) CONK
Press, e.g. MEDIA
Prunes TRIMS
Say goodbye to many a 34-Across a la Marie Kondo DECLUTTER
Seasoned rice dish PILAF
Series of stakes HORSERACES
Snag GET
So … who wants in on this deal? ANYTAKERS
Some summer arrivals LEOS
Some time DAYS
Summons before congress? BOOTYCALL
They may be tied up in a sequel LOOSEENDS
To All the ___ I’ve Loved Before (2018 film) BOYS
Truer words were never spoken! AMENTOTHAT
Two cents for a paper, perhaps OPED
Unpolished CRUDE
Was appealing? PLED
What a bee may be CONTEST
Who ___? ISNT
Word from the Dutch for “talk nonsense” RANT
World’s best-selling contemporary female artist of all time, per Billboard magazine DION

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