New York Times, Friday, May 20, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ noche (tonight: Sp.) ESTA
___ of Citium, philosopher who founded Stoicism ZENO
___-jongg MAH
___-term test for divergence (calculus concept) NTH
99 Luftballons singer NENA
A sumo wrestler’s is called a mawashi LOINCLOTH
Ambulatory aids CANES
As seen in chemistry class? ARSENIC
Astronomer Thomas for whom a comet is named BOPP
Best Picture winner in 2022 CODA
Big name in fashion footwear ALDO
Board game set on an island CATAN
Border ABUT
Browse, say SURFTHENET
Candle holders, sometimes CAKES
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Causing a boom, maybe SUPERSONIC
Charade ACT
Close NIGH
Close SHUT
Contending INIT
Cousin of an aardwolf HYENA
Digital alternative PRINT
Doctrines DOGMATA
Germans call it Genfersee LAKEGENEVA
Grammy winner for 1983’s “Flashdance … What a Feeling” IRENECARA
High-chair features TRAYS
Highly exaggerated and subjective, as journalism GONZO
Highway exit sign GAS
Holds gingerly, maybe CUPS
Improvise on stage RIFF
It ___ to me … OCCURS
Italian nickname that omits Al- FREDO
Its website has a “Fantasy” page ESPN
Kind of garden ZEN
Lead-in to call ROBO
Like only one member of the Supreme Court in its history (Sonia Sotomayor) HISPANIC
Literature’s Napoleon, e.g. PIG
Manet called him “the painter of painters” VELAZQUEZ
Monster’s opposite TEENY
Non-coffee Starbucks order CHAI
Not yet delivered, after “in” UTERO
Only one-word country that contains all five vowels MOZAMBIQUE
Pokemon that ultimately evolves into Alakazam ABRA
Political ___ ARENA
Prefix with directional OMNI
San Francisco’s ___ Hill NOB
Seek advancement through flattery CURRYFAVOR
Small flaw NICK
Solvers’ reactions AHAS
Sort who refuses to answer CLAM
Source ROOT
Specialization NICHE
Spot remover? DOGNAPPER
Status on a conservationist’s “Red List” THREATENED
Stock exchange? MOOS
They’re rigged MASTS
U.S. locale that, when said quickly, sounds like a cheer OAHU
Unable to perform operations INNUMERATE
Underwater forest KELP
Unit equal to 907.2 kilograms SHORTTON
Unlikely match ODDCOUPLE
Up there, you might say OLD
Velvet-voiced Mel TORME
Vulnerable area SOFTTARGET
W.N.B.A. great Weatherspoon TERESA
Weisshorn, e.g. ALP
Word with happy or rush HOUR

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