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New York Times, Friday, October 2, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Brass’ EXECS
‘Isle of Dogs’ director Anderson WES
‘Seeded’ or ‘unseeded’ grocery choices RYES
‘Seems likely’ IDBET
‘Take heed, ___ summer comes or cuckoo-birds do sing’: ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ ERE
‘___ thanks!’ MANY
Adam Smith and David Hume, e.g SCOTSMEN
Admissions considerations TESTSCORES
Air on Twitch, say LIVESTREAM
Aromatic herb THYME
Bird feeder fill SUET
City near Memphis CAIRO
Classic cocoa powder brand QUIK
Core exercise PLANK
Cracked AJAR
Deliberately sink SCUTTLE
Denim and chino TWILLS
Dessert preceder MAINCOURSE
Deuces, e.g TIES
Drudge PEON
Early stage for some bugs? BETA
Eastern gambling mecca MACAU
Ending with Black or brack ISH
Epitome of sharpness RAZOR
Event with a room full of people making a row BINGONIGHT
Fall person, perhaps RAKER
Growl like an angry dog GNAR
Hebrew for ‘day’ YOM
Hinge (on) RELY
Horatian compilation ODES
Host of the first World Table Tennis Championships: Abbr ENG
Info on a flight tracker app ETAS
It’s hard to fight URGE
Late justice known for powerful dissents, for short RBG
Modify so as to bypass a device’s restrictions, in hacker lingo JAILBREAK
Most Super Bowl M.V.P.s QBS
Neighbor of Scorpius in the sky ARA
Of yore, of yore OLDE
One hand washing the other, so to speak QUIDPROQUO
One of Yellowstone’s 2.2+ million ACRE
Opposite of bother LETBE
Overdrafts? REWRITES
Place for an ace COCKPIT
Possible uses for Bundt pans MOLDS
Ration DOLE
Reason for a donation CAUSE
Recipient of a ‘Brava!’ DIVA
Red peg, in the game Battleship HIT
Rules of conduct PRECEPTS
See 25-Across MINEO
Self-evident AXIOMATIC
Senator Ben from Nebraska SASSE
Serving of kielbasa or knackwurst LINK
Shade similar to honey AMBER
Socialists, e.g THIRDPARTY
Some famous last words ETTU
Something to try first PLANA
Sound at a fireworks display OOH
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Stewing, say ONLOW
Things opened at spas PORES
Triathlete’s need BIKE
Two-wheelers SCOOTERS
Urban kind of bar or garden ROOFTOP
Volcanic rock BASALT
Whistlers of a sort KETTLES
Whom one might address as ‘sensei’ ZENMASTER
With 17-Across, ‘Giant’ actor of 1956 SAL